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“the inexplicable set of causes which are believed to have determined the events of life”. This is the definition of the word Saucepan. In the movie they said so “You fear it, you run from it, fate comes anyway.”. Inexorable Like the sea. barely no escape. It is impossible to prevent what should really happen. By force. This is almost a law of nature. Thus, what happens in the 23rd minute of the resumption of the final match between Lombardy and Tuscany can be interpreted in two different ways. A scrum in the area, he was fired in by Tuscany and a subsequent shot by Captain Fiaccini, who hit the ball hard at the near post, ready to rejoice because – precisely – Nothing can stand between him and the target Which would put Tuscany a few minutes away from the end of the zonal championship. Nothing of course. except Luca Tapini.


“What’s done happens when we say it’s done.”. They said that in a movie. Mission: Impossible. Appropriate title, if you think about what Luca has managed: the rapping fullback snaps a few fractions of a second earlier Fiacchini shot on the line, in the right place Save that shot aimed at the net. with the chest, only to then be able to push the ball wide with the help of the Lombard defence. perhaps, therefore, It is not true that fate is ruthless. Because thinking the ball shouldn’t have gone in is simply wrong. And for those who avidly watch football, this is it too Not romantic.

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Not romantic because instead The idea that Luca Tabini was stronger than fate is even more fascinating And interesting. The full-back under Vigor Milano was able to read the movement well and simply Choose to be decisive In the most unimaginable way, at the most improbable moment ever, when the match seemed destined to see Tuscany top again. “What’s done happens when we say it’s done.”. So, that can very well be said Luke said no, That ball wouldn’t have gone in at that moment. Lombardy would not have sunk. And that the match would be decided after a few minutes thanks to the adrenaline rush of his save. Thus winning the scudetto.

sliding doors

When it comes to Luca, then, One cannot but speak of fate. It almost seems ridiculous when you think about it. Last summer, in fact, the main defender of the Italian champion team He was about to quit football: “I played at Inter Academy and I didn’t feel comfortable with the environment in general. I lost the will to play, I was thinking of leaving.”. Then Vigor Milan’s call-up brought new enthusiasm to the defender’s footballing life and this year, in addition to winning the Scudetto, he arrived. Huge achievement with your club.

Zeal, in fact, she has laden His championship, winning elite promotion which is absolutely historic for Esposito’s team: “My coach taught me that you have to take the field to win every game, even when the tournament is over. Thanks to this desire we made the season easy. Esposito is a great coach, he gets us running a lot but his teachings have also been very useful for me here in the regional championship.”. a Crazy sliding door Therefore, Tapini who just doesn’t have it I changed my mind about leaving footballbut they also lived there The best season of his lifegiven that the scudetto reached the end of the zonal championship played as a start, In synergy with Niccolo HolovkoColleague working in the other band: “I would have stolen Nico’s height and physique, because they are important qualities for a defender and he is in better shape than me.”.

Luca Tapini’s joy at the end of the match, and Thomas Valli hugged her

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click. The sound the switch makes when it is turned on. on off. one zero. From that to that. “Change your life in one click”. Change your entity in one click. This is what Luke does when he enters the field. Out of the game it is One of the most cheerful and among the nicest of the entire Lombard mission in Piedmont. When he puts on his boots and the match manager blows his whistle to start the match, he becomes tapini The most dangerous and focused in the field. “I would steal Luka’s seriousness, because sometimes I get distracted on the pitch, while he is always to the point.”. Holofko said it, speaking of what he himself thought power from his mate.

In fact, when we talk about Luca Tapini, we are talking about a full-back Defensively flawless And who loves her so much – so much – Push forward To be able to offer an extra hand to the offensive stage, whether it be in a Vigor Milano shirt or with the representative team. player To Theo Hernandezfor indersi, which despite the Interist faith Luca takes as a point of reference, along with Paolo Maldini: “It’s true, I’m an Inter fan, but Maldini is Maldini. For the role in which he is a reference player for everyone, it is impossible not to think of him when I go out on the field..

Factor, concentration factor, essential to be able to break through the gates of big football, obviously the goal of Luca, who hopes to attract the attention of some observers, with dreamy eyes As he thinks about his future in football that is important. There will be time though “At the moment, I am enjoying the regional championships won by this beautiful group. We are all happy and I am excited. After bringing so much honor to Vigor Milano, this achievement has now arrived, which we knew we could achieve because we knew we were a strong group.”.

Consequently, fate could not help but bend to the will of the virtuous: L.N Continue in footballin order to Move to activity And to get Scudetto victory. “the inexplicable set of causes which are believed to have determined the events of life”. It is no longer defined by fate, but by Luca Tapini.

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