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Another landslide on The Chief in Squamish (Canada) | MountainBlogMountainBlog

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Chief. Source webcam

Change multiple climbing paths permanently

Chief, a large granite dome located near the small town of Squamish in British Columbia, Canada, was the scene of a series of landslides this year, and while the recent one was not the largest it was significant. The rock slope occurred from top to right Sheriff Badge In the Karamba Crocs area.

This is the fifth major landslide of 2021 and residents of Squamish can hear it. Alexis Birkil, who runs The Chief’s webcam, filmed it and posted a video on YouTube.

Earlier this year, a rock fell from above the classic trail Genius LociBeats Mercy m On the big wall. Then, in July, the collapsed boulders destroyed several pits of the Black Dyke path and cut down dozens of 30-meter-high trees. In September, another major landslide occurred on the northern faces (see video below). Another large slog took place in the granite rock dome.

Steve Kuan, chief geologist at Sea to Sky Fire and Ice Aspiring Geopark, said this often happens, most likely due to climate change.

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