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Calcio Barry, De Laurentiis, and the Duty of Ambition

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Barry – It’s not time for trials, not yet. But it is time for deep reflections. Because seeing “poor” Barry lose at Leco in this way could not fail to produce a train of thought. The feeling about this company has never been a “perfect” feeling is a fact. The latest banners, and the chants that rained down on the De Laurentiis family (“LDL” was also absent in Lecco) last Sunday, speak volumes about the extent to which the relationship has broken down. This is a trend that the president’s silence contributes to making more difficult. Except for a few small public outings, the red and white No. 1 has not expressed his thoughts on the Barrie field since July.

He does not communicate, closed in a useless and harmful silence. Too many months. Especially towards a place that has constantly contributed to supporting the club also in economic terms, between the local sponsors and the fans in San Nicola and everything else that can legitimately revolve around a football team. Including the renovation of the stadium itself, which the municipal administration wanted. The debt of gratitude is mutual, not unique.

Maybe it’s not obvious, it’s worth repeating. It is not necessary, it is indispensable. But the passion for red and white in our region is vital. sacred. As in Naples. Bari has tradition and history, a place second in importance to the “big ones” in Italian football, superior to “locations” like Bologna and Florence, a permanent presence in the Italian league, and even playing for Europe if all goes well. . Barry is a heavy responsibility. It goes without saying that dual ownership is an obstacle. It is the original sin. Of course, we cannot continue like this until June 2028, when, according to the current rules, we will have to sell.
Discussing the dismissal of Marino (who will remain in office) is a fallback exercise. Talking about Mignane’s return, assuming the coach is willing to accept, is useless. The defeat in Lecco threw the team into a tunnel, and in order not to even risk the second division itself, they will have to get out of it as soon as possible. At the same time, by scoring points (in the last tournament Pari-Südtirol deserved a place in the final, today the challenge is to confront him with an open back…), then by intervening significantly in the market, since the winter market is even more More complex than the classic.

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The results and rankings say it, this team is not built well. A series of injuries has increased structural gaps resulting in a decline in the quality of a team that is not entirely cohesive. Having reiterated that the “soccer” crime is the materialization of a team that lost Serie A just moments before the end of the final without having clear ideas on how to deal with the new season, we must now address the situation. We cannot risk this season turning into a long ordeal. We should not give up today and talk about the Italian League with the aim of tomorrow, or next year. If it is true that Barry represents something within their galaxy, the De Laurentiis family only has one thing to do: show it on the field, strengthen the team significantly and try to repair a relationship that, otherwise, may deteriorate even more deeply.

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