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Angelo Mosca, the legend of football in the AWA and NWA and Canada, has died

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The Italian-American hero of American and Canadian wrestling passed away today at the age of 84. Angelo Mosca.

The beginning of football

Born February 13, 1937 Waltham, Massachusetts, From an Italian-American father and an African American mother (he had to be quiet in the first years of his life and work to avoid racial discrimination), he had a great life in American football in the first part of his life. Moves first in CFL’s Canadian League, American University Championship (with celebrities) Our lady Indiana, then he was observed by the eagles of Philadelphia).

(Tiger cats fly with shirts)

But he was immediately noticed and involved in the Canadian Championship, where he fought first Tiger cats With Ontario and later Ottawa Rough Riders; He continued to fight in the championship from 1958 to 1972, where he won five Gray Cup With two different teams (1 and 4 with Ottawa Tiger cats), 2 topics CFL All Stars And 5 topics CFL East All Stars.

Industry in wrestling

In 1959, at the same time of football life, under pressure Eddie Quinn, Promoter of the Montreal scene engaging in Moscow wrestling.

A much longer life than wrestling (although the official introduction was invented in 1969), it first begins in alternating phases (Moscow practiced wrestling during the CFL suspension for the winter break), and then in the 70s until his official retirement in 1986, full time.

Long life embedded in titles: 5 times NWA Canadian HW title, 2 times Black Tri-State HW title, 1 time Stampede North-American HW title, 1 time AWA British Empire HW Title.

In the 80s he had a role in the WWF, where he fought for a long time. Bob Backland Before (for the WWF World title) e Bad Patterson Then.

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They called him King Kong

His brutal and violent style earned him the nickname, first in the CFL and later in wrestling. “King Kong”In interviews, Patterson criticized the brutal ways in the Moscow ring, Larry Bofo He called Moscow “the biggest shit I have ever seen in my career.”

Very popular in Canada

CFL and wrestling victories make Moscow more popular in Canada: Popular 1968 poll: Back Pierre Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), Second Moscow.

It was introduced in 1987 Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame In football, in 2015 his historic shirt was withdrawn at 68 Hamilton.

(Moscow in the latest photo)

Disease and for the past few years

He has suffered in recent yearsமுதுமறதி, Which undermined him towards the end of his life.

All the staff of Jonah Wrestling extend their deepest condolences to family and friends and colleagues

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