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Outlet cut on PS5 in 2022, according to Tom Henderson –

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There is also The Last of Us 2: Director’s Edition for him PS5 Arrival in context 2022, again according to insider/journalist Tom Henderson who recently reported various details about possible upcoming projects from Naughty Dog this year, also pointing to a revised and patched version of The Last of Us 2 with a possible upgrade for the next generation.

According to the new direction now set for Sony games, The Last of Us 2 should therefore receive its own director’s cut, or the process that led to other games getting its own.Next generation upgrades and new content In order to relaunch the title in a new way. According to Tom Henderson, who also talked about the upcoming The Last of Us Remake and Factions in 2022, such an operation will be especially profitable when the television series The Last of Us is launched, in production at HBO.

“I think the overall goal is to capitalize on the hype surrounding the HBO show as well, so we’ll see what happens,” explained Henderson, who also added another potential motivation for including this additional project on PS5 and PS4. A bit right now, so we’ll see! “

According to Henderson, the launch of The Last of Us 2: Director’s Cut near The Last of Us Remake and the multiplayer game on Factions will fill the void that could be created should this happen. God of War Ragnarok has delayed To the first quarter of 2023, which is currently just speculation by the journalist, but which makes sense the idea of ​​focusing several issues of this nature in the fall of 2022.

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On the other hand, Neil Druckman himself recently confirmed “multiple projects” are in development at Naughty Dog, so there may be room for all these upcoming titles, also considering how Director’s Cut might require fewer resources than an entirely new game, of course. .

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