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Cagliari, is there really room for Nainggolan’s January proposal?

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Ghost hovering over the sky CagliariSometimes it can be seen in the clouds above Domus Unipol Others are among those that pass quickly by parts Assemini. His name returns to be heard among fan voices, the classic hope who is the last to die and above all the regret of what was anticipated and eventually took on the form of the classic Godot.

values ​​and mindset

A team that deserves more than what the ranking says. The values ​​on the card are better than the points collected. Many say so, not just among those who experience red and blue colors every day. Even opponents, at press conferences every night, do not miss the opportunity to emphasize the strength Cagliari That do not match the results in the field. What do men lack? Mazari To turn words spoken in front of microphones into facts? Several analyzes have been made in recent months, since last season before an astonishing recovery. Techniques, tactics and mindset. A group that carries with it an almost inextricable mystery, even if there is a red thread between the golden period with Maran on the bench and the subsequent frustrations. The presence and absence of charismatic leaders, those who in lean moments maintain obstacles, do not let negativity overwhelm comrades, they act as a filter with the environment, showing the way. While building the Cagliari team, they tried to combine experience and youth, but there seems to be a lack of a real leader. Godin sacked before the start of the season, Strutmann With a career that speaks for itself, but without that driving aura, Keita who doesn’t discuss her values, but doesn’t seem to have the stigma of a leader. Joao Pedro In the head, more and more mature, cipeteli To follow, in some ways Bavolity, all VIPs by Assemini, but without that influence – except for the Brazilian – who could pull the ship in distress from the shallows.

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ninja ghost

And so we come to the original sin of a season Cagliari, the one who makes the name Radja and her surname Nainggolan. There is no point in going back to the opposing statements, about prioritizing, in a market for the second summer in a row that saw in the ninja the object of the main unreached desire. The 3-4-2-1 via Mazzarri – It also means basic It could be the perfect tailor-made suit for a Belgian midfielder. He was no longer an attacker like at the height of his career, but rather broke away from filtering and covering tasks and using him as a link between the medium and the attack. It’s also the benefit of that shot from the outside that today’s Cagliari is totally lacking. So, a few months later, the locker room man’s salute to Antwerp par excellence has the flavor of a red pencil mistake. The story tells of a difference of a few hundred thousand euros between supply and demand, with a fundamental difference in the duration of the contract and above all a turn that the player did not like. Now that Godin seems closer and closer to farewell, this metaphorical wall of the pharaoh’s betrothal may soon disappear and bring back regrets for what ninjas did not invest in the summer. Maybe it’s too late, why Nainggolan Playing and pulling the Royal Antwerpen that doesn’t smell like the top this year, is just 4 points off the leader Union SG. And the Belgians are clinging to the wayward son of the Flemish city, despite some troubles off the field causing more headaches.

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The virtuous city

Nainggolan’s stinging words and answering frankly Kabuzuka and Jolene They leave no room for a comeback which will be exciting. Rumor has it in town, the Belgian is once again ready to comment on every social engagement of his former Rossobl teammates, the additional issues that weigh differently in Antwerp than in Cagliari, and the need for a mentor on the pitch for Mazari And for the changing room. All the elements that lead to temptation, but one cannot help but think of the recent past and above all a Royal Antwerp Which is unlikely to give up another purchase in the market. Never say ‘no’, especially when heart and negotiations come into play, but beyond the voices and suggestions, there seems to be no place to undo the original sin of the Cagliari season. Despite looking at the characters who brought the ninjas to Belgium, there is still a small crack open in a closed door. With Nainggolan secured two million two-year seasons with the Flemish club, the out-of-salary bonus is determined by the Belgian media as modest, but Inter still pays 50% as part of the agreement at the time of termination of the contractual agreement with the Nerazzurri. wait Adds salt to a wound that is hoped and expected not to return. Probably more Nainggolan than rossobl club.

why not?

The ninja is definitely not the player he used to be, but it is no coincidence that he is the best Cagliari We’ve seen in recent seasons the number 4 in full force. after exploitation Marñano With Nainggolan To drive, between Covid and the calf problem, the second part of the season has not seen the Belgian protagonist. Indeed, his absence after beating Torino with Zenga on the bench led to a small crisis that was then resolved in the final. And with the arrival of By Francesco One element of the dispute was the absence of the ninja at the helm. Then back in January, it’s time to get back into shape and once again pretend one’s importance to the miracle of salvation. Cagliari thinks of going back to try to convince Nainggolan to come back Sardinia It is not far from the reality, that everything can lead to something concrete that is still difficult. Even if it’s Cagliari’s and Cagliari’s nostalgia, who knows, it can clear up disagreements, undo the recent past and remake parts of a broken but still fixable relationship. On the other hand, the promises were not incomplete, like when the ninja moved to Rome in the distant 2015 and Jolene Advertise for Corriere dello Sport: “Nainggolan will finish his career in Cagliari, and this is the verbal agreement we reachedThe time for keeping the selected words is not over yet.

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