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Many “additions” of the mystery woman besides Putin-Corriere.it

Many “additions” of the mystery woman besides Putin-Corriere.it
to Alessandra Muglia

The woman will be one of the “actors” with whom the Russian president has surrounded himself because of his New Year’s speech, recorded at a military base. With her, there will be other faces alongside her in other events. Nobel laureate Matveychuk quipped: “Even extras aren’t available.”

in a Message New Year’s Eve Russian President Vladimir Putin He appeared surrounded by forces allegedly fighting in Ukraine. In fact You will recruit “actors” They acted like soldiers while he paid tribute to their war efforts.

The accusation rebounded on social media, and it was also relaunched by reporters from reliable newspapers such as CNN And the BuildWhile new rumors are circulating about the health of the Tsar: in particular A new Western intelligence analysis says Putin decided to attack Ukraine in February over cancer drugs Which causes paranoia as a side effect.

Among the first to mock Putin’s “extras”. Tadeusz Gekzanformer editor-in-chief of Nexta, the Belarusian opposition media. A soldier, sailor, and devout Christian. God moves in a mysterious way. ” Julian Robeke, political editor of Bild magazine, She also re-broadcast a video in which she says that the wounded Russian soldiers do not want to be evacuated from the battlefield because they want to continue fighting with their comrades. “Even the dictator seems bored with this outrageous propaganda,” comments Roebke.

Although he wears camouflage clothing, the suspicion is that he has more stage presence than experience on the front lines. This is because The mystery woman – according to some reports on social media – has already appeared in a series of photo opportunities with Putin: Wearing a waterproof orange sailor suit on a boat, then with a veil as a devout believer in the church.

With her other “recurring” faces as noted by Clarissa Ward, CNN’s international correspondent asked, “Who are you? Personal guard? Actress?” Noting that “there are other faces that appear in both pictures on the right.”

Two of his “comrades” are also seen in the video on a boat with Putin and at a religious ceremony, always at the side of the Russian president.

Some have argued that the mystery woman is Sergukina Larisa Borisovna, member of the United Russia Duma, Putin’s party. She was always single Soldiers’ “special mothers” received in November in the Kremlin.

The president had already been accused last May of making a visit to a military hospital using “actors”: one of the “wounded soldiers” was also going to appear in the role of a worker on an earlier visit to a factory.

The premise is that the use of the reliable “extra stop” is the way to go now Regular Putin To continue his propaganda for a leader who appeals to ordinary people while avoiding the dangers of any close contact – also in light of declining consensus on the war in Ukraine.

Now he’ll also have to turn to the same cast, ironically to note, as some commenters on social media. starting from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022 Oleksandra Matveychuk, 39-year-old Ukrainian human rights lawyer and activist: «Putin wanted to imitate Zelensky, who came from the Ukrainian defenders to Bakhmut. But after ten months of full-scale war, even actors in Russia are in short supply.

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