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Science and Society: Lomsa, April 30 “Epidemiology and Informatics: Winning Strategies for the Future”

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As part of the project “Pandemie & Infodemie: A Guide to the Future” of the Axis between Science and Society of the Italian Institute for the Future, the event “Pandemie & Infodemie: Winning Strategies at the University of Rome Lumsa for the Future” will be held on Saturday 30 April in partnership with the National Office of Pastoral Health Care of CEI. The meeting aims to create a dialogue between the community, the world of communication and health professionals in order to develop a strategy to mitigate future epidemics through a more effective dialogue between science and society.
During the morning, researchers, communication experts, and institutions will gather to analyze critical issues that have emerged during the pandemic period and to suggest good practices that favor synergy between society, the scientific world, and the media in order to prevent future social and health crises. . In the afternoon, three open-to-all working groups will use social prediction tools to develop proactive strategies related to the themes that emerged during the morning.
The project “Pandemics & Infodemics: A Guide to the Future” is being promoted by Between Science & Society Hub, in collaboration with Big Data in Health and the National Office of Pastoral Health Care at CEI. Through a call for paper and a series of participatory initiatives implemented in proactive ways, the project aims to create a “guideline” that includes an analysis of lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis and a series of possible strategies for anticipating challenges forward in terms of risk communication and social perception of science. The initiative benefits from the sponsorship of: Communications Guarantees Authority (Agcom), Fnomceo, Institute of Complex Systems (Cnr-Isc), Italian Federation of Life Sciences (Fisv), Association of Women and Science, “Gaetano Salvemini “Study Center”.

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