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D’Amico: “Naples interest in Kvaratskhelia: very strong. Mertens in Canada? I explain”

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The mediator who brought the Lorenzo Insignia to Toronto talked about his potential successor: Quiccha Quartzkelia would be in Napoli’s view.

Andrea D’AmigoAn international mediator operating on the Italy-Canada axis (who enabled Lorenzo Inzine to sign a contract with Toronto, et al.), Released some statements on today’s episode of the broadcast. Mars Sport LiveThe show aired Radio Tuesday. “Who else should I send to Canada? You have more information than me (laughs, ed) … Soon I will make a trip to Toronto to see what are the priority intentions for the new season. In general, bYou have to get used to the fact that players make different choices. World Cup? We hope we will too, I’m hoping for Roberto Mancini’s Italy “,” Said the well-known Italian lawyer.

In the market for the Neapolitan Club, D’Amico added: “Potential Purchase Naples Need to change the Lorenzo insignia on the left? Quiccha quartzkelia Rubin Kazan is really strong. He’s very good, he’s interested in Napoli: he’s young, he’s fast, he’s a good footballer and he can play upside down. ”

“Charles De Ketelaree? Napoli will go to young players. He does not reveal the left and there are some other roles to evaluate. Sports director Cristiano Giundoli already knows what his goals are and he is always moving ahead”.

Finally, it is difficult Drying Mertens Follow Napoli Captain to Toronto: “Even the Belgian In Canada? For now, there are no such opportunities. “The mediator concluded.


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