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Bully 2 was in development, but canceled in favor of other games –

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bully 2 was actually Development in studios Rockstar New England, before it gets deferred in favor of other games, which requires more support. The news comes from a long and detailed account by Game Informer, who interviewed five former Rockstar New England developers, all anonymously to avoid fallout from GTA, who spoke about the game’s sad fate and deteriorating conditions. years.

Bully 2 development has essentially been halted to support Rockstar North for Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar New England had hoped to make Bully 2 the flagship, doing work at the level of others in the company, but was unable to complete the job, because its ambitions were stifled by the successes of Rockstar North.

Rockstar New England was born from the studio Mad Doc, which teamed up with Rockstar to develop Bully: Scholarship Edition, before it was acquired by Rockstar in 2008. The acquisition was initially welcomed by all employees, at least until Rockstar wiped out the software house’s culture by forcing an all-out run-of-the-mill crisis.

Rockstar New England has been commissioned with several projects, including Bully 2, which was seen internally as a way to showcase the studio’s qualities beyond supporting projects. It was a very high budget game, in line with other Rockstar titles. At one point, the entire studio was working on Bully 2, but the party didn’t last long.

Rockstar quickly changed its priorities and shifted its resources to Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, which were having major problems. Thus began a more severe period of crisis, with 12-16 hours of work per day, including weekends, which resulted in many developers leaving the studio. Meanwhile the studio was downsized and Bully 2 was shelved, becoming something of a legend in the video game industry.

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