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Sassuolo, Carnevale: “I am not satisfied with the rating. Berardi? Arrival suggested by Fiorentina

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CEO Sassuolo Carnevale spoke about the black and green team moment

Giovanni Carnevale, Director general Sassuolo, I spoke to Radio 24’s microphones about the moment of the transfer of the Niverde team and the rumors of the transfer of some of the club’s players.

Good Game – “Belief in the beautiful game is the philosophy we have been following for some time, in selecting players and coaches. Sometimes we conceded too many goals, but we also made a lot. Italian football is changing, and now it is played in a more offensive way.”

National – «send players National For a company like ours, this is a success. Our players are young players, again we sell to make room for children, often in Italy we do not value children in the right way, a reflection has to be made.”

Scamaka and Raspberry – «skamka NS breakers tough season? There have been changes, it is a moment when we have to start over a little bit, I can’t say they are not doing a good job, we have to let them mature, if we always talk about it we are not doing it.”

Ranking – «We are satisfied with the way we play, unhappy with the points in the standings because we should have had more because of bad luck and our mistakes. We have to recover because we have higher ambitions.”

Berardi – «Berardi He’s our most important player, we don’t sell him in January Fiorentina He made us an offer but we don’t care at all. There must be an important offer.”

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