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HCMV Varese Hockey, Mastini overtakes Ascona in first pre-season friendly

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there Varese Hockey’s first official release coincides with a win over Scaling 2 to 1, although the game’s volume was loud and controlling, a very enjoyable challenge.

After less than ten exercises i Mastiff They wanted to test the level of preparation in friendly interesting against Asconaa team ahead of preparations and playing in the Swiss second division, played on the neutral ice in Biaca, in Ticino.

The game will be read by Devèze with proper calm in the next few days, aiming to capture the most positive aspects, but certainly also some things to improve. Among the absent and unavailable (Drolet, Odoni, Piccinelli, Raimondi, Mordenti), gialloneri presents themselves with Fanelli (defender) and Perino (striker) joined by the Aosta farm team to complete 3 lines of defense and 3 abundant lines of attack.

the first News at the entrance to the track and the cool shirt Used today by the Mastiff: In fact, the shirt worn today is the shirt that will be reserved for the pre-match warm-up during the season. The color is special, so are the writings and the purpose, their meanings will be explained soon on a dedicated day.

The first half Coming out of some good plots for Varese who broke their many conclusions against the goalkeeper, it is clear that he was already at league level. Varese’s first real chance: M. Borghi comes face to face with the Ticino goalkeeper, who hypnotizes him nonetheless. A few seconds later, the Swiss advantage arrives: At 6’58 inches, the action causes the striker to infer under the crosshairs from a close position, thanks to a slight deflection.

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The mastiff builds well and still knocks on the opponent’s door, first with Alivato, then with Vanity who, alone in front of the goalkeeper, shoots his underpants. Two outnumbers Varese in the first half, showing a good presence in the third attack without finding the net. It should be noted excellent interference by Rocco Perla, neutralizing a flying shot from 4 meters.

The According to Dritl It resumes with the same scenario as the first, i.e. with Varese pushing the search for the same thing. Opportunities are counted plentiful, but the most delicious are M.

Goal up to 28’56”: Franchini’s impressive descent along the right handrail, the central assist pass to M. Mazzacane who intends to serve under the crossbar first. Varese changed the goalkeeper to give half of the game also to Dalla Santa, who was immediately called up by inferences from A long distance and well rejected.The yellow and black double arrived shortly before the second siren went off: B.

the third time Still full of opportunities, on both sides, because Ascona tried to undermine Dalla Santa’s cage, which he disengaged so well. Varese had the chance several times to score a hat-trick but the goalkeeper was excellent at thwarting every attempt.

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