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Boeing 747: history, its most famous versions

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It is no coincidence that they call it Queen of Heaven, “Queen of Heaven”. It is frankly difficult to distinguish between an aircraft that is more iconic, legendary and revolutionary than one Boeing 747, Jumbo planes Which in January 1970 – when the first sample entered service in Pan Am colors – opened a new era for air transport: a behemoth of the sky entered the collective imagination more than any other aircraft, not only for its record dimensions but also for the role of the absolute hero in that technological transformation that led, including It has social, economic and even political implications, until the world becomes more “small” and interconnected than ever before. However, after more than half a century of honorable career, the time has come for the 747 to hand over the baton to an aircraft better suited to handle the ongoing transition and challenges (energy, but not only) of the third millennium. Boeing made the announcement in recent days, with a press release that certainly brought many fans to tears off assembly lines of the last Jumbos, No. 1574. Thus ended production that began in 1967, but not the career of the most famous commercial airliner: many examples still in service would transport people and things for many years to come. Fortunately, this legend of heaven is still far from being retired.

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