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Letters from the Revenue Agency frighten taxpayers, not a good omen

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These days, the news of sending letters from the tax office in the financial drawer to many VAT numbers is important. here because of

Anomalies in the ISA that are found by the tax authorities. Letters from the Revenue Agency, sent for this reason to holders of VAT numbers, can be found in the tax drawer and sent with Entratel to the broker. the details.

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in this days Millions of taxpayers and VAT number holders Receive a call from the Revenue Agency, located on the CD. financial drawer. The latter is nothing more than the online service provided by the Tax Administration to taxpayers and brokers to consult and manage their tax information such as CU, tax returns, irregularity notifications, cadastral data, refunds and payments made. Using the F24 form etc.

Well, AdE sends a lot of messages to VAT number holders. In particular, the beneficiaries are people who apply the so-called international auditing standards – that is, synthetic indicators of financial reliability.

Communication concern possible Omissions or perversions In the data declared for the purposes of international auditing standards attached to the income form – registered by the tax authorities. It is the result of checks carried out by tax authorities, both through analysis of data declared by taxpayers, and through other available sources of information.

So there are no special doubts and the news is important: inside the tax drawer, items and information about the anomalies found in the tax reliability indicators for the taxpayer are provided, in order to correct any errors or omissions.

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So let’s take a closer look and dig deeper. This news is definitely not of secondary interest to a few people.

VAT numbers and AdE contacts in a tax drawer: Purpose

As mentioned earlier, the letter can be seen by the interested party easily, being located in the taxpayer’s tax drawer (VAT number), and it can be accessed directly or even through an intermediary.

a PEC letter from the Revenue Agency It also conveys the presence of contact in the tray. This is a message, however, that includes only the information in the Notice of Attendance, but also not the content of the message.

As mentioned, communications regarding possible omissions or anomalies in a tax drawer, in the declared data for ISA purposes will be provided with the tax return.

Of particular note is that the International Standards on Auditing represent the tool that has replaced sectoral studies: in this context today, the dialogue between taxpayers and tax authorities is much more direct and accessible. It is easy to understand the purpose of promoting compliance with tax obligations and the automatic fulfillment of a citizen.

for owners purchase pricealso through intermediaries, the task of providing their own Response For internal revenue reports through the above letter.

What to do in case of sending an anomaly letter ISE VAT numbers

However, not only is there a connection in question, as AdE also referenced the instructions included with Provision Prot. No. No. 237932/2022 dated June 23rd. They explain to the taxpayer what to do in these special circumstances (Here is the link).

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The Internal Revenue Service explained that after reporting anomalies in ISA, The owner of the VAT number who received the call finds himself in two different ways:

  • Giving clarifications, clarifications and all details of the case, using the dedicated software at no cost, which is provided by the Finance Department on its official website. Both the contact person and the mediator can do this;
  • Resolving any errors or omissions that may have been made. These are the circumstances in which the actual penance mechanism is applied – with the payment of a reduced fine.

Pay special attention to the second method: it is good for the taxpayer to settle and arrange as soon as possible. In fact, the law states that the more time passes, the greater the penalty and benefit.

In other words, the rules, aimed at satisfying those who act quickly, state that the size of the reduced penalty is related to the time when the individual’s attitude towards the tax authorities is regulated. More specifically, interest is calculated at the legal annual rate and must be paid for each day of delay.

Finally, we remind you that access to digital channels of communication between the taxpayer and the Revenue Agency is possible with SPID, CIE and CNS credentials and on a residual basis if still usable, with known Entratel / Fiscoline credentials.

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