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Corrupt – Criminal Empire

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Corrupt Conspiracy – Criminal Empire

Corrupt – Criminal EmpireThe film is directed by Ron Scalpelo Liam McDonagh (Sam Claflin), a talented ex-boxer just released from prison after a nine-year prison sentence for armed robbery.
Meanwhile, a dangerous and dark web of corruption moves under the bright lights and towering vistas of the new East London skyline. Behind the 2012 Olympics, there are those who get rich while it is always them, the outcasts, who pay the price. This is the case of Liam McDonagh, who now wants nothing more than a peaceful life, to stay out of trouble and regain the love and trust of his family.
It is a pity that brother Shun (Joe ClaflinGet caught up in the cruel businessman game Clifford Collin (Timothy Spall), the business partner of the powerful Anthony Hammond (Hugh Bonneville). Drug trafficking, violence and murder: poison infiltrated society and the beating heart of the United Kingdom.

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Curiosity about the corrupt criminal empire

The movie is based on a true story.
Joe Claflin, who plays Sean, the brother of protagonist Liam, is the real brother of actor Sam Claflin.

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