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Football, Messina in one year. Acr returns to the masters, FC leaves the scene

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2021 Distinguished The return of professional football in Messina and the abolition of the club’s federal cadres who presented herself as an opponent in the city club Pietro Sciotto. In the Series D championship that was disbanded due to Covid, Raffaele Novelli’s team won the head-to-head match last March 21 thanks to a penalty from Aliperta and at the beginning of July deservedly celebrates the jump in the category at Sant’Agata di Militello, the promotion has arrived for a comprehensive management consisting of many purchases and a few Too many dips. Massimo Costantino’s team, on the other hand, wins the playoffs and, by a stroke of luck, avoids ending up in a replay arrangement that included a non-repayable stake. Instead, she has a high chance of replacing the rejecter Gozzano in the Lega Pro as his readmission. But, when registering, you show a formality, Rocco Arena failed to provide a valid warranty In the following months it ends up annoyingly and also gets canceled from the D. Fc tournament, which features a record-breaking exemption due to its privacy. In February, after defeat in recovery with Acireale, coach Pino Rigoli was sacked in hospital due to the virus. and another one The vocal rejection of FC Messina also comes due to the multi-year stadium franchise Franco Scoglio, the procedure was interrupted by the Third Evaluation Report and the Financial Report by Studio Vermiglio, which was consulted by the municipality after the bid was awarded in March.

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