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Mineracqua, the Italian Confederation of Natural Mineral Water Industries was launched Price increase alert. The problem is related to production costs, which have increased by about 35-40%. According to the association, this is due to various factors, such as the high prices of raw materials, especially energy ones, as well as difficulties in the supply of packaging materials. Not forgetting the cost of transportation.

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“A strong global imbalance between supply and demand causes strong increases in our country for all raw materials, energy, transportation and in general all production costs – he explained. Ettore FortunaVice President of Mineracqua -. These 35-40% price increases, in a scenario that currently does not see a decline in the next few months, cannot be absorbed further.” In short, the demand consists of a combined price adjustment.

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“We are asking for it Starting next year The market takes very seriously our requests for price adjustments, which are in any case less than the true cost increases – Fortuna continued -. Only in this way can we continue to “serve the market”, while making important sacrifices from an economic point of view Ensuring that our product, which is becoming increasingly important, reaches the homes of Italians.” And finally: “Consumer prices will, however, remain the most competitive in Europe. In fact, our category has a very compressed value chain compared to the rest of Europe.”

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