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Covid, the South African variant: the first case in Italy identified in Campania – Chronicle

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Naples, November 27, 2021 – Il The first case of the Omicron variant in Italy It was identified in Campania. that it A citizen of Campania returning from Mozambique, tested positive for molecular smear. This was announced beforeHigher Institute of Health (Case), while qualified health care sources in Campania confirm that the man has few symptoms and that his condition at the moment does not cause any concern. The relatives also developed positivity for MERS-CoV, thus, sequencing has already been scheduled on their samples.

Omicon variant, Ecdc: “High to very high risk”

From Mozambique to Milan

The man from Campania, whose sequence attributed to the Omicron variant had been identified, had returned to Italy a few days earlier from Mozambique with A plane landed in Milan. He was vaccinated in two doses and works for an international company. Upon landing he received a tinge that was later positive. Then the genomes were sequenced in the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Emergency Biodiagnostics.Sacco Hospital in Milan. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health issued an informational memorandum to the regions to enhance traceability methods.

All investigations are underway

The sample is in the further confirmation stage to obtain the final assignment of the strain for this purpose VOC is B.1.1.529, specifically the South African variant of the virus. The ability to quickly identify new sequences and Immediately start contact tracing activities (contact tracking) Thanks to the alerts on ECOGEN PLATFORM who immediately recognized the existence of some major mutations that illustrate the efficiency of the Italian sequencing network.

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De Luca: “Ultimate caution”

After the Governor of Campania, Vincenzo de Luca, learned of the citizen’s positive news of the Omicron variant, he confirmed: “Taking into account the news of these days, all precautionary measures were immediately adopted.” “Even this episode – he added – invites us once again to complete the vaccination cycle and to have behaviors inspired by the utmost caution, starting with the use of the mask that has always been in Campania – and it is right to remember – that it is mandatory in some enclosed and outdoor spaces where distancing is not guaranteed. maximum control by the police and municipal police, including penalties, against those who do not comply with the order.”

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