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“I would be surprised if Mancini stayed. You changed the foundations of Italian football. A Libyan coach or Ranieri? I’m terrified.”

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Paolo Barggia gave his speech on the present and future of the Italian national team on her words:

The journalist said: “I will be surprised if he stays – said the journalist – because he will face another massacre. There are no indications that he can get guarantees and that he can change anything. There are no changes that can put the national team in a position to perform better. I think it is Experience loneliness as a coach. He doesn’t have a manager to compare with and the clubs aren’t helping him.”

On a possible replacement for Mancini: “I am terrified, mathematically, at the idea that Lippi could come back in any role or even Ranieri. In my opinion we need courage, and therefore we should focus on the youth. I would like to say De Zerbe And Andre. About those Coaches with courage and vision in addition to the Italians or I will play the Pirlo de Rossi match. Even if any coach in my opinion will lay and not change the foundations of Italian football, the results will remain the same. Conte? The budget makes a lot of money. Complicated for his return. But he was The only one who made an effort for the team.”

On the match against Macedonia: “Mancini fell into the debt of gratitude that all coaches like Lippi have after the 2006 World Cup. He has not had the clarity to see in recent months that unfortunately some players have not been in good shape. Above all I think of Insigne, Jorginho. Zaniolo left, Tonali went later. The owner’s building itself is a debt of gratitude to Mancini, but it was embarrassing. Berardi? We in Italy say he is a hero, but at the international level he does not exist.”

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