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New Hyundai Kona: live view, photos, engines and availability

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We took a closer look at the second generation of the Korean crossover that has grown in size, has a new look and offers technological interiors while taking care of every aspect. Three powertrains are available, including a full hybrid

In the future of cars, we’re talking about zero emissions and mobility increasingly dominated by SUVs. However, when we talk about revolution, we must also think of a transitional period, which is essential to make more solid a reality so far from the one we are used to today. Hyundai is among the few brands that, in addition to looking to the future, also focus on the near future to offer models that are more efficient, technological and above all familiar to the average driver. The Kona operation confirms the strategy of the Korean brand: in fact, in 2023, the successful eastern crossover is completely renewed, bringing it closer and closer to the Ioniq family, but without losing those qualities that made it so popular in our market as well. An all-new look, updated interior, and three different engines, as in the past, cater to all travel needs. After photo previews, we had the opportunity to discover this highly anticipated Hyundai-branded novelty live in Germany.

2023 Hyundai Kona: How It’s Outside

The first images shown at the end of December 2022 highlight the great aesthetic innovations dedicated to the new Kona, but the direct impact is even more impressive. Indeed, if in the past designers started from endothermic versions to design the electric version, in the second generation it was exactly the opposite. The result is decidedly high-tech, starting with the light modules divided into two parts, front and back together: the full-width luminous signature makes them easily recognizable at night, especially the electric ones with a pixelated textured effect, while the main headlight is positioned lower down, well integrated with Bumper as if he did not want to be noticed.

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Hyundai Kona 2023: large size

The modern, rounded shapes of this new crossover are accentuated by pronounced ribs along the entire side and by square wheel arches. Lines intertwine at the bottom of the bodywork, creating a highly suggestive 3D effect and enhanced by the refined colors available in the list price. As already expected, the Kona’s dimensions grow, and by a lot: the length expands from 4.20m to 4.35m (+15cm), the width expands to 1.82m (+2.5cm) and the height increases by 2cm. In short, a pleasant development immediately recognizable: being on the road now is the presence of a “and-a-half” B Suv, an option that certainly makes one feel like a more solid car but which may alienate future customers looking for a vehicle for everyday use, comfortable in the suburbs but also Agile and easy to park in town.

Hyundai Kona 2023: How it’s made from the inside

The wheelbase has also been lengthened by 6 cm, a technical option that improves (significantly) the habitability of all passengers, especially those in the second row who can benefit from good legroom and a slightly reclining backrest to relax on long journeys. The environment in general has been revolutionized, starting with the redesigned steering wheel and the small dashboard: there is now a dual 12.3-inch screen, one for the driver and the other for the entertainment, which however does not steal space from the tireless counterpart of precious commands to manage various systems such as air conditioning air. On board, therefore, one imagines being immersed in a well-appointed passenger cabin, enhanced by the use of environmentally friendly materials, confirming that the car respects the planet, not only in terms of emissions.

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Hyundai Kona 2023: three-in-one engines

Like the first generation, the new Kona will also be one of the few cars on the road to offer three different powertrain variants. The 100% electric version, available in standard configuration, is confirmed with a 48.4 kWh battery and 155 hp or long-range 65.4 kWh and 217 hp. The most performance, which attracts the attention of the Italian public, offers more power, but despite this modernization and increase in size, it also promises more autonomy. The first manufacturer estimates 490 km with a full tank of electrons, about 5 km more than the previous generation. In Italy, however, the most common powertrain will be the full hybrid: we still don’t know the technical details, but since the system is still on the market today, the 1.6 naturally aspirated engine backed by an electric motor should guarantee a total power 140 HP and the ability to drive even with zero emissions. For traditionalists, however, the petrol variant is assured powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine backed by a mild system, and a mild 48-volt electric ensures hybrid approval.

Hyundai Kona 2023: In conclusion

The new Korean crossover is ready to attack the market by focusing on a more modern model, engines for all tastes, more space on board, and many driver assistance systems to move around safely. If it’s too early to talk about the 280 HP Kona N, we knew from launch that the sportier N Line would be in the price list: This setup comes with sharper bumpers, subtle detailing, and a custom interior with contrast stitching. It must be emphasized that the model so admired during the international presentation is also equipped with a spoiler that is very suggestive for fans of the genre, but it is a pity that this accessory will not be present in Italy for purely commercial selection. Prices have not yet been announced, but we expect a slight increase compared to the current model with list prices starting at 24,850 euros for the mild hybrid, from 28,600 euros for the full hybrid and from 36,750 euros for the electric. As for the debut on the market, the first two variants will arrive in June 2023, while the release of the Zero version is expected in September of the same year, dates when we will surely know more details.

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Hyundai Kona 2023: strengths and weaknesses

Here’s what we liked and didn’t say about this first solid connection with the second generation Korean crossover:

  • Satisfies: A highly personal style enhanced by crisp ribs and refined stylistic choices; The passenger cabin is refined, technological and spacious, ideal for those traveling with a full load; Showcasing three different types of engines makes it very attractive to a wider audience.
  • I do not like it: Dimensions have grown sufficiently, perhaps too much to be defined as a crossover; The low-profile headlights stand out, but they’re also more vulnerable to potential impacts.

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