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Batshuayi takes care of that, which bodes well for the Red Devils

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Canada, Wasted Opportunities and Protests: The Global Curse Continues

The World Cup curse continues for Canada, who returned to the finals after 36 years, suffering a fourth defeat in as many games without scoring. Against Belgium Cattle breeder Batshuayi signed off on the occasion of the only defensive distraction by the Canucks, after dominating the game throughout the first half, before ending up with a goal that ended with a goal that would prove decisive. harsh with Davis Two others objected to non-conviction. Belgium struggled with pace in the hour before Canada’s fatal fall, but the match remained even until the end. Dioli Rossi was disappointing in terms of play and singles, but Martinez collected three very tough points: waiting for Lukaku…

9.50 pm

90′ – Canada’s last attacks: Five minutes of extra time

Canada’s recent attacks, like in the first half, have been more about heart than structure and movement. Long teams, Belgium close teams down and defend themselves perfectly center of gravity Very little. Meanwhile I Five minute recovery Referee Chikaswe presented.


84′ – Bad mistake by Johnston, Chikaswe forgives him

Wrong from behind Johnston, Entering Opanda with pincers: Chikaswe excuses Canada’s protector by extracting only Yellow card.

9.40 pm

80′ – Brings on Laurin Courtois

Canada strikes again: another cross from Davies from the left and a great turn RIN, However, this does not give enough force to the ball. prevent Courtois. Meanwhile, the last two changes in Canada: Eustaquio and Buchanan leave, they enter Osorio And Miller.


78′ – Batshuayi comes off and Martinez sends Obanda on

Fourth substitution in Belgium: Out Batshuayi, Contest winner so far, please enter Openta. One striker to another.


74′ – Canada’s third substitute, Adekugbe, enters

The third substitute in Canada, Herdman is trying to revive a team that is now attacking at a much slower pace. Enter Adekukbe Instead of Laria.


69′ – Canada low clear, Belgium on the rise

The last quarter of the game started. Now the attacks of Canada’s players are less organized and dangerous, and they fail miserably Clarity And Energies Played at full speed after an hour. Belgium alternate phases of dribbling with lunges in search of a goal that could end the game.

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62′ – Martinez changes again, Hazard comes out

THIRD SUBSTITUTE IN BELGIUM: Hazard comes off, first-half protagonist only a few tears away, enters Trassard. A half-striker becomes another, another man, who remains loyal to the basic tactical structure.


58′ – First changes for Canada too

First two changes in Canada: Enter RIN And Cone Hutchinson and Hoilett Place.


55′ – Belgium still in trouble: Onana and Meunier booked immediately

Both have changed but nothing has changed from a tactical point of view Martinez They were defensive in nature and given the characteristics of the substitutes, both were immediately booked. The theme of the match is the same, with Canada planning ahead and still able to produce better rhythms and Belgium acting as a throw-in.


46′ – Second half: Two substitutions for Belgium

The second half began and Martinez immediately made two substitutions: Onana References Tielmans, Meunier Replaces Carrasco.

8.50 pm

Canada plays, Belgium goals: A goal is decided at halftime Batshuayi

A very lively first half ends at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium. Canada dominated chances and pace, but trailed by a goal and scored in the last minute Batshuayi. Weighing in on the game’s economy Wrongful conviction from Davis Initially, Canada claimed two more spot kicks.


45′ + 2′ – Canada is one step away from equalizing with Buchanan

Canada’s immediate reaction, one step away from a draw: Davis sinks to the left and puts it in the middle, Buchanan Bicycle kicks from within the small area to the stars!

8:44 p.m

44′ – Batshuayi punishes Canada: Belgium lead

Belgium suddenly opens it up! But the distraction of Canada’s security! 80 meter throw Vertonghen It surprises the Canucks’ rear guard, who is so tall and awkward: Batshuayi Avoid Borgen’s desperate exodus and drag! Give yourself five minutes to recover.

8.40 pm

40′ – Canada claim another penalty

Belgium’s goal is clear as they try to slow down the pace Ball possession On rare occasions the Canadiens don’t run the game. However, Herdmann’s team covered the field so well in both phases that Diavoli Rossi was only dangerous with a throw-in. Meanwhile objections from Canada to contact Laria And Witzel, But this time the Var The referee was not called Chikaswe.

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8.30 pm

30′ – Johnston brings on Courtois, Canada dominate

New flame from Canada, which leaves only a few isolated attacks on Belgium in major technical and athletic problems. Courtois Stabilizes the team by blocking a great shot Johnston

8:25 p.m

25′ – Batshuayi effort, Canadian wall

First chance for Belgium. good deed Risks A great call for Tielemans to jump the opponent and serve Batshuayi It drags on: Canada is backing itself into a corner. The rhythms are always very high, and Canada presses across the board.

8.15 pm

15′ – Canada at 100 on the hour, Belgium in trouble

Belgium are in dire straits in these first few minutes. Dibruin He tries to sway his teammates, but Canada’s dominance is clear, especially at the athletic level. Deoli Rossi was forced to the defensive by the frenetic rhythms imposed by Herdmann’s formation.

8:10 p.m

10′ – Davies has a penalty saved by Courtois

Penalty for Canada! Referee Chikaswe recalled per var Handball in the Carrasco area Buchanan’s shot: Penalty awarded after on-field review, but Davis He has his shot denied by Courtois.


1′ – Go to game. Batshuayi tries immediately

The game started and right away Very high rhythms At the Ahmed Bin Ali Maidan. Belgium holds the contest, but the Canadians turn the field very quickly. There is the first roll Batshuayi: Borgon pins the floor.

7.55 pm

Belgium-Canada, national anthems in progress: referee Chigaswe

Teams and national anthems are being played on the pitch. It will be played under the direction of the Zambian referee Johnny ChikasweA sensational error is known in the past Africa Cup of NationsWhen he finally blew the whistle Tunisia-Mali In the 85th minute, the teams were hurriedly called back onto the pitch and allowed to play again for four minutes before a break.

7.50 pm

Belgium interested in Lukaku: Big Rome invited, but not available

However, conditions in Belgium troubled Belgium’s approach to the World Cup Romelu Lukaku. The Inter striker has experienced an ordeal at the start of the season Muscle injury A setback at the end of August and in October cast doubt on his presence in the team until the end: Big Rome eventually boarded the plane to Qatar, but he may not be available for Martinez. Third match.

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7.45 pm

Belgium chases another podium, Canada’s first goal at a World Cup

Belgium are making their 14th World Cup final appearance, third in a row. 3rd place “Finally” beat England after a semi-final defeat against France. On only one other occasion has Diavoli Rossi reached the semi-finals 1986, Lost 2-0 to eventual winners Argentina Diego Armando Maradona, and then the bronze final against France. In the same World Cup, Canada suffered three losses in three games against the USSR, France and Hungary, failing to score a single goal.

7.15 pm

Belgium-Canada: official bodies

No surprise in the selections of the coaches, Spanish Roberto Martinez and Englishman John Herdman. The three-way defense on both sides is still out there in Belgium Lukaku And the attack was handed over Batshuayi. Bench for De Ketelaree and Mertens. Canada relies on the stars Alphonsa DavisExterior of Banner Munich e Jonathan DavidLily Striker.

Belgium (3-4-2-1): Courtois; Dendoncker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen; Chestnuts, Witzel, Tielemans, Carrasco; De Bruyne, E. Hazard; Batshuayi. Coach: R. Martinez.

Canada (3-4-1-2): Porjan; Johnston, Victoria, Miller; Lauria, Hutchinson, Eustaquio, Davies; Buchanan; David, Hoilett,. CD: J. Herdman.


Qatar 2022, Belgium-Canada: experience against enthusiasm

Qatar 2022 concludes with the introduction of a fourth-day tournament Belgium, It challenges Canada with the intention of exalting himself to the command of F groupIt started with a goalless draw Morocco And Croatia. Diavoli Rossi’s experience and class, fourth in Russia 2018, will be tested by the spirit and talent of the Central Americans, who return to compete in the World Cup finals after 36 years. With group stage elimination in Mexico ’86.

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium – Al Rayyan

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