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The F-35 also selects the Lockheed Martin fighter jet from Canada

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Canada chooses Lockheed Martin F-35 as its next fighter after Switzerland and Finland

Canada chooses Lockheed Martin F-35 as its next fighter.

The Canadian government has selected Lockheed Martin Corporation and the F-35 at a higher price in a tender to buy a new fighter jet, government officials said Monday.

So after Switzerland and Finland, Canada is one step away from buying 88 F-35s from Lockheed Martin to replace the Royal Canadian Air Force (Rcaf) CF-18 hornets. Also in the competition was Saab Griffin. Canada had already rejected Boeing’s Super Hornet.

“The move indicates that Canada – which is pushing to increase defense spending during the war in Ukraine – is close to making a decision that could drag on for more than a decade,” he commented. Reuters. “Canada has a close relationship with the United States, including the use of warplanes together to protect North American airspace,” he added. Defense News.

Germany is the last country to choose LM aircraft: In mid-March, the German Defense Ministry announced that the F-35s would replace the tornado war-bombers by 2030.

All details.

Waiting for the deal

Procurement Minister Philomina Dassi said Lockheed Martin with the F-35 was considered the highest bidder. The Trudeau government will no longer hold extensive talks with Lockheed Martin alone. Ottawa says it will win the contract this year and receive the first deliveries in 2025. If an agreement is not reached, the government intends to negotiate with Griffon’s runner – up, Saab. Points out ABC.

Improved resources

The Canadian government has set aside approximately CAD 19 billion (US $ 15 billion) in budget for purchases.

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Trudeau has changed his mind

Canada has failed to replace its old F-18 fighter jets for more than a decade. The former Conservative administration said it would buy 65 F-35 jets in 2010, but later rescinded that decision, prompting several years of delays and changes.

Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, Canada said it would not buy the F-35.

Defense Minister Anita Anand said the decision to select the F-35 was made without political interference. “We live in a new reality,” Anand said of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

On the other hand, how Points out There CnnCanada has a long history of using US military equipment and, unlike Sweden, belongs to both NATO and the North American defense organization NORAD.

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