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Italian Heritage Month celebrated in Canada

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Italy and Canada have always had a very serious and specific relationship due to the apparent presence of a community of Italian descent throughout the country. In Canada, June is the month of Italian heritage, promoting and promoting local and national organizations throughout the Commonwealth.

As the senator said, it was a month that was especially felt by the country’s political authorities Tony Lofreda, Whose family originally came from Caserta, recently spoke in the Canadian Senate to celebrate the numerous economic, social, cultural and anthropological contributions made by Italians across the country. On May 17, 2017, the House of Commons of Canada unanimously approved a proposal to officially declare June as the Italian Heritage Month.

A historic day for all Italian-Canadians who have contributed for generations to the growth and development of one of the most important countries in the world.You may be one of those who bring home an elderly neighbor’s shopping, or you may be one of many who helped raise a million dollars for the Italian Red Cross. You are using yourself for the public good in any way. For generations, Italian Canadians have made our country a better and stronger placeAnnounced Prime Minister in 2020 Justin Trudeau Every year he never fails to pay tribute to his Italian-Canadian comrades.

Month of Italian Heritage is an important and recognized initiative of the Government of Canada to establish and proclaim a lasting moment for the Italian community, and the choice of June as the 2nd Republican Day is established. An important Italian community of over 1.5 million people lives in Canada and initiates initiatives. Italians have contributed to the building of the country and contributed to its prosperity and development, and Canadian companies have always acknowledged this important contribution.

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However, Canada is a constitutionally and anthropologically integrated nation, made up of diverse and diverse cultural mosaics and precisely this diversity reflects the strength of the country’s multiculturalism and is the basis of the inter-cultural policies of institutions..

From business to sports, from cooking to politics and so on, society continues to enrich and sustain all aspects of our community. People across the country will have the opportunity to honor and celebrate Italian Heritage Month, a time that recognizes the contributions of Italian society to the creation of a vibrant, emotionally and more inclusive nation as we know it today.He declared Ahmed HusseinCanadian Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion.

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