September 30, 2023

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Canada. Quebec: The Canadian province has been using the vaccine passport since September 1st

By Alberto Calvi

Since September 1, the Quebec government has implemented the immunization passport system, which will prevent people who are not fully vaccinated from committing many unnecessary acts. The Ministry of Health said its applications had already met international standards used in other countries.
Vaccine passports are required to carry out various activities at risk of spreading the corona virus, such as gyms, sports and training facilities and restaurants. You often have to go to casinos, bingo halls, and bowling alleys.
The vaccine does not require a passport to enter public schools, but is used by older students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities that are considered high-risk. Teachers, students and caregivers are not required to submit their passport during school trips.
Vaccine passport is required for group sports or outdoor physical activities, excluding professional and school settings. In addition, all indoor games and physical activities should visualize them.
People who live at the same address or play sports in an unorganized environment do not need a vaccination passport, nor do they need a vaccination passport at shops where basic services such as groceries and pharmacies are operated and where private meetings take place. Weddings, funerals, places of worship, spas, driving training and lodging take place.
In the first two weeks from the start of its use, those who do not have one will not be subject to major fines, but passport verification inspectors will use the drastic measures from September 15, when they come into operation. Happened with masks and other mandatory hygiene measures.
Residents of another province or country can show printed proof of vaccination attached to the identity card.
In this way, the Canadian government wants to avoid closures that characterize the first wave of Govt-19 in Quebec, where 85 percent of the eligible population received a single dose of the vaccine and 77 percent two.
The Canadian government hopes that the passport will serve as a stimulus for those who have not been vaccinated to pursue health care.

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