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Basic plan price increase, but will include Live Gold, rumor –

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According to the statements of journalist Brad Sams, which we so far recommend taking with springs, in the near future Xbox Game Pass Basic Plan will include gold live, with your last subscription which will be permanently removed. On the other hand, the subscription price It will go up to $15 a month for the current $9.99.

Sams suggests that a single premium subscription could come after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

“I’ve heard that Microsoft is considering how to increase the prices of these services to include Gold so that the basic plan is $15 a month, which means that if you have Game Pass, you also get Xbox Live Gold and that’s .one tier,” Sams says.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft completes its acquisition of Activision, it raises the price of access to their service.”

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As you probably know by now, Xbox Live Gold costs 6.99 euros per month, while Xbox Game Pass costs 9.99 euros per month. Gold is also included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at €12.99 per month.

If Brads’ advice turns out to be correct, a basic Xbox Game Pass subscription will cost more than Ultimate, so the latter service may increase in price. Or even Ultimate will disappear, leaving a single $15 per month subscription that includes Gold, EA Play, PC games, free rewards, and cloud games.

Having said that, we recommend once again to take the above rumors with caution, since it is impossible to verify their reliability.

Staying on the topic, according to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is about to launch a family plan for Xbox Game Pass that 5 people can use with a single subscription.

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