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We note, without regret, that in recent years the relationship of cooperation between members of the opposition councils has not been achieved, and that today, despite numerous attempts to revive a unified project, we cannot present ourselves to the voters with a mayoral candidate who expresses this. Every monopoly is left of centre.

In light of this, Spazio Civico and Movimento 5 Stelle decided to take a different and in some respects brave path, to give life to a new political project, the result of a common concern towards the citizens and a common vision for the growth of the city, ours, that deserves to be redeemed after years of right-of-centre administration. A project that looks to the future, puts the common good at the center, and is open to confrontation with those political forces that share its goals and values.

The road that we will be required to travel between now and the next administrations will be difficult and the outcome is not clear, but our energies and skills will all be concentrated in this new project that has one goal: to make monopoly better in the interest of all citizens.

We feel that we must appeal to all the political forces that do not recognize themselves in the Anis administration to take the primaries route to make a synthesis and task the citizens with choosing the candidate who can best represent the center-left at the helm of the coalition.

Next week at a press conference we will present our project to the city.

Monopoly, 02.03.2023

Silvia Said Julia Cazorla

Municipal Councilor Civic Space Municipal Councilor Movimento 5 Stelle

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