Home sport Inline Hockey: Europa League, for the Asiago Vipers a “worthy sixth place”

Inline Hockey: Europa League, for the Asiago Vipers a “worthy sixth place”

Inline Hockey: Europa League, for the Asiago Vipers a “worthy sixth place”

Asiago Vipers - UEFA Europa League 2023 - Team photo

the Asiago Fibers They close the adventure in European League They got a good sixth place, given the high level of formations that participated in this edition, and they do so by defeating the English side by 5 goals to 3. Hornets Beasley In the last match valid for the “small group” that decided the last three places: “We won the first place, we won the last. Again against the Hallamshire Hornets. In the midst of four more matches that allowed us to face ourselves with international teams, including Molina Sport’s new European Champions, and increase our experience. In the end, it reached sixth place, and it deserves a lot for our boys“.

The other match played the night before was against the Czech Republic Prerov night birdsand instead ended in a narrow 6-7 defeat, with the Vipers getting the “He tried to the end to drag the champions of the Czech Republic into overtime, which would have given credit to the desire to fight the boys of Luca Rigoni. Little time to recover energy after the race with Villeneuve“.

Asiago Vipers - UEFA Europa League 2023 - Photo

Teaching English Hornets Beasley, especially in the first half, swooped around Facchinetti’s parts with an annoying constancy, which was immediately crucial to Niamatali and Sweet who was freed from several missing bloody pucks. However, the English advantage is only put off: “Facco” rejects Glover’s conclusion, but can do nothing when Jacob Brammer is used. The Hornets insist, Vaccinetti’s leg closes again with a Nyamatali touch. The boys do not lack generosity and determination, but they struggle to find offensive outlets. On the contrary, the Englishman still came close to scoring on a power play and above all on a restart by Kingston, his post-stop.
The second half begins with a remaining advantage in favor of the Vipers, and after various attempts, Lazzari finds the hole to put in the birch, once numerical parity has been re-established. And the overrun doesn’t come a minute later: Chivaux moves his arm, the goalkeeper doesn’t back down and Biertel pushes the ball into the net. However, Hornets do not give up, create and waste. The match flies towards the denouement, but Tsari’s penalty kick complicates everything: Niamatali Facchinetti punches in on his post from behind. Inertia is once again in the hands of the antagonist and a new thriller with an exciting job centered around Glover. The energies seem out and the new English feature, made by Sweet with a relaxed touch with a practically empty grid, is like “Game Over”. Instead, no, because the reaction is so quick and it comes from a very brave run by Baù (to whom Tessari will hand the MVP award in the locker room) who widens and grabs Tessari on the other side who, on the fly, carves a 3-3. The final is almost an early extra time with the boys getting the edge and exploiting it with Alessandro Rossito, who was fired by “Lelo Assist”. He’s over 49″ from the end. The Hornets remove the goalie, but it’s no use. Bau first makes a few saves and then recovers the ball behind the cage and sends it over the other side into an empty goal. It’s 5-3, it’s sixth, it’s above all Good end to this Euroleague.

In the previous match against i Prerov night birds, a grueling start as the Czechs press and pass with Gremlica given plenty of space and Facchinetti drying off the post. The draw is immediately closed by Villar, who will arrive shortly thanks to the tireless work of “Mayor of Vezzena / Opicina” Spiller. The Vipers gain confidence and push ahead with another ‘prospect’, 2005 Baù, who runs down the right and then grabs Sejba at the far post. But Prirov in superiority (outside Villar) restores balance with Pavel Hanak. Senior Lazzari and Rosito Occasions; The deadly Czech was then appealed by Navratil, who was awarded man of the match. action on both fronts with the “run and shoot” mini hockey and basketball; Then on the power play, it was Captain Rodigero who got it right all the way, grabbing a rebound and making it 3-3, amid protests from his opponents. Navratil realizes Prerov’s new advantage, taunting Facchinetti between leggings, with the puck “dies” just past the goal line. Before the break, Rossetto junior and Plasek’s 1vs0 chance was only stopped by the post.
It starts again, and after a chance for Tessari, it’s 4-4: a great initiative by Vellar who runs down the right before widening his “twin” Alessandro Rossetto who gives Sejba no chance. Not even a time to rejoice and immediately overcount (from Berthod). Excellent pk from the boys who, however, surprise from Plasek once parity is re-established on the track. Really very bad. Facchinetti made some important saves on Jan Hanak and kept his classmates who, soon after, did not take advantage of the advantage, despite Rodeghiero’s close attempts, which were “blocked” by Sejba. Time passes, energies decrease, but we don’t give up. 7′ From the end to Rosito Jr., Segba saves. Missed a goal, conceded the goal. Actually two. Pavel Hanak and Navratil punish the snakes in seconds. Looks like it’s over. Instead, no. We go on the attack without a goalkeeper: Sejba beats Berthod, but with action continues he capitulates with a Lazzari shot. It starts again, do it on Matteo Rossetto and at 5 for 3 it’s still an orange 80 to amplify the Czech net. It’s 6-7. There will be plenty of time to complete a great comeback, but not a bit of luck to do so this time.

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Asiago Vipers - UEFA Europa League 2023 - Final Results and Standings

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