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What will happen from August 2nd?

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The fuel surcharge cut has been extended until August 2, but what after the deadline? Let’s see together how the CEO intends to move forward.

The Cut 30 cents a liter for Gasoline, diesel, LPG and methane I was Extended until August 2Minister of Economy and Finance Daniel Franco Minister of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani Signed decree Extension of the measure currently in place that would reduce the final price of fuel.

But what will happen After August 2? Let’s see together

Extending the fuel and excise cuts until August 2, what next?

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The reduction in excise tax was expected Extended until Septemberbut the executive has chosen to opt for a shorter extension, which broadens the procedure Until August 2. And then? The government likely won’t extend the cut by 30 cents, thanks to the resources to cover the measure and introduce €200 bonus.

In fact, the 5 cent increase would have cost the government 1 billion euros per month Only for gasoline. Moreover, offering a bonus of €200 will be useful to compensate for the increase in the price of fuel: from the beginning of the year until now, prices Gas rose out 19.7%while the diesel is more expensive 26.4%. This means that Italian families will almost pay for the fuel €2.50 per liter.

Association reaction


Cancellation cut production fee start From August 2 She didn’t like it at all Consumer Associations. The National President of the Association, Foreo Trouzialso made an alternative proposal to abolish the facility:

Speculation on fuel has effectively eliminated the reduction in excise duties. The only truly beneficial measure that the government can take to save families, businesses and the entire economic system is to resort to tariffs on petrol and diesel, at the prices charged by the state at this moment of emergency.

From the same opinion, the National Consumer Federation Massimo Donna:

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Since the start of the war, despite government intervention, both diesel and gasoline have already crossed the threshold of 2 euros per liter even in autonomous mode. If the government did not want to go back to managed prices as we suggested, it should have raised the reduction by at least another 10 cents, as an exception to European diesel legislation, and lowered the value-added tax from 22 to 10%.

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