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Standards and Regulation – OA Sport

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Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup 2022. Our national team lost to Macedonia 1-0 in the semi-finals of the qualifiers that were offered to get the last tickets for the World Championship, not even reaching the final stage against Portugal (the Lusitanians rule the Balkans). The Azzurri stay out of the Premier League for the second time in a row after failing four years ago. The European champions will have to watch the World Cup on the sofa, except for another exciting match.

Is it possible to hunt Italy for the World Cup? It seems to be fueled by hope The risk of excluding Iran. In fact, the Asian team can stay at home for what happened in it Match against Lebanon: About 2,000 Iranian women had valid tickets, but they stayed out of the field. The reason appears to be related to their gender. FIFA had already threatened the Iranian federation in the recent past with a possible penalty if it did not grant women access to the gymnasium.

A national team already qualified for the World Cup can only be disqualified if the Football Association is suspended or expelled by FIFA. Another national team reconfiguration is done entirely at the discretion of FIFA, and therefore without an official standardAs stated in Article 6 of the Regulations, FIFA (in the event of withdrawal or exclusion from competition) will decide the matter in its sole discretion and will take any action it deems necessary.

So we can only make assumptions. What is the standard that will be adopted by FIFA? He could use the arrangement in which case Italy would have directed the replayAt the moment he is in sixth place and all the teams before him have already qualified for the World Cup. It can choose to replace Iran with another Asian formation: Either by resorting to the continental classification or by rewarding the first excluded from the zone qualifiers (Australia and the United Arab Emirates must decide who will challenge Peru in the intercontinental qualifiers). Or it may take other parameters into account, at its full discretion.

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