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Avocado, how to keep it in water is viral: Madurnall’s mistake

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How to Keep Avocados in Water Going Viral: Fatal Mistake Explain why you’ll change your point of view yet.

Avocado split open – Pixabay

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The avocado Not everyone likes it but in recent years there has been a spread in terms of consumption. More and more Italians decide to buy it and include it in their dishes. his taste and textureSoft and creamy, they are perfect with some foods Strong and decisive taste Like salmon.

Avocado is a fruit that is also used in the preparation of the guacamole salsa that Latin Americans saturate with. An important aspect related to his conversation was noted how in the form of praxis a Fatal error. Here’s how to avoid it.

Avocados, you’ve always been wrong by putting your health at risk: what to do

Error saving avocado
Avocado Preparation – Pixabay

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On social media in recent years we have really seen it all, a constant stock of videos where different concepts are presented that are, to some extent, true. This is where every user should be careful because a file fake news Always around the corner. When it comes to, for example, people who give different advice, make sure that they are people who are prepared for the topic or at least take information from serious and reliable sources because error is inevitable.

For example, it so happened that a video was shot tik tok Advise on avocado preservation technique thoroughly by adhering to Fatal error Now let’s explain why. Anyone who eats or buys an avocado at least once in their life for their home will notice how the open fruit lasts quite a bit. tends to darken. Well, if you plan to keep it, completely avoid putting it in the refrigerator in a basin of water, even if you see that it is … avoid it.

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This work can actually reveal itself dangerous to our health Because the peel of the fruit contains bacteria such as salmonella; So it goes without saying that when placed in water it limits their reproduction, and thus ends up on the pulp of the fruit we are going to eat. So always avoid doing this, instead of using cutlery and keep it in the fridge after getting it I washed everything well.

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