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Poste Italiane debuts on the market

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Poste Italiane is ready to enter the troubled energy market, with an offer to acquire customers in the electricity and gas market. Target 1.5 million customers by 2025: why does Poste want to enter the energy market? Let’s explain together by analyzing the details of the story.

Everything seems to be correct: Italian Post In the summer, it is ready to enter the energy market, preparing the offers that will be proposed to it Italian families for electricity and gas. Despite the complex problem in the markets, with the tensions and volatility, but on the other hand, it can also be a great opportunity to attract a lot of customers and attack the market.

Let’s see the future prospects of the energy market, especially with regard to the offer to be made by Poste Italiane.

Poste Italiane: Energy goal for the next few years

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Poste Italiane is ready to decisively diversify its core business, and decides to aggressively enter into energy marketElectricity and gas. Offers will be launched from September to October 2022, aiming to reach 700,000 customers by 2023 and 1 million by 2024 and 1.5 million by 2025.

Scheduled to be launched, the platform needs 16 million euros for 2021, but total spending needs a total of about 3 billion euros. The hope is that in 2025 there will be profit production, starting in 2025.

Poste Italiane: New appointments for easier entry


Poste Italiane was working at Entering the energy market as early as 2021, in fact, the hiring of experienced managers in this sector has already started last year. Also among them are notable names including Stefano Fumi, CEO of NeN and Roberto Aquilini, Director of Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at Engie Italia.

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Poste will pay a great deal of attention to diversifying its energy sources, with a particular focus on renewables and green energy. The offer will also include the provision of fiber Internet and health services: Poste is about to become a true giant.

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