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Arkane is about history, single player, co-op and progression –

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An extended interview with corners Posted in these hours by IGN on Redvalewhich touches on many of the new game themes in development for PC and Xbox as well as items on Story, single player, cooperation and progression Inside first person shooter with RPG elements.

Director Harvey Smith confirmed that the game is designed to be played In both single player and co-op multiplayer: Either way, something changes in the gameplay dynamics but these two are still fun and tailored.

Obviously playing in single player you can only exploit the skills of the chosen character, since we will not have companions controlled by artificial intelligence and the action will also include a good dose of stealthilyConsidering that this is the best way to gain an advantage over enemies.

Playing in a cooperative team game you can use Common skills of multiple characters (up to 4 at the same time) but that obviously makes you lose the effect of surprise. In addition, the battles expand in difficulty level based on the number of players, and become progressively more challenging with more enemies.

However, the story, Smith explained, always remains the same with the main events: playing with one character or another obviously changes the point of view and the scenes differ because they focus deeply on the character used, and therefore the dialogues, scripts and scenes will also be different, but Major events in history do not changeIt is said in a different way. Likewise, there are no multiple endings.

The differences in the game’s approach appear above all in terms of the amount and construction of the secondary missions that can be performed. However, the character cannot be changed during the game: if you start a rescue with a fighter, we will be bound to the one for that rescue, while choosing someone else will restart the game.

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As for the progression, each run is associated with a character: these do not contain real characters Layers Different, but can be brought to certain specializations depending on the upgrades we unlock in the skill tree.

More information about Redfall can also be found in our interview with Arkane.

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