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Ranked Mode Paused PS5 Users Slaughtered –

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Sharkmob has stopped a file classified mode from Vampire: Disguise – Blood Hunt. the reason? PC users standing slay those PS5 It’s in crossplay, so it takes time to get the balance back into the situation.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a battle royale Available for PC and PS5. Although cross-play can be disabled on PS5, the developers advise against doing so in order not to prolong the matchmaking times of players. The problem is that there is a complete imbalance right now with PC gamers, who can rely on a mouse and keyboard.

For this reason, the development team wants to run in search of a cover by changing some settings of the console with the following setting revisionTo try and make the games more balanced. Fundamentally everything will change, as explained by lead designer Gustav Stegenius, who spoke about the changes to the entire control system, with the dynamic response curve replaced by a traditional exponential curve, with acceleration determined at full speed and with other measures that should give some oxygen to poor PS5 players. Changes should also include a stronger aim assist and other such features.

Unfortunately, PS5 players currently have very few options: Off via play And wait longer to play, or keep it active and find yourself in completely unbalanced games.

Unfortunately, console/PC cross-play is always an issue. Mouse and keyboard Allowing dramatically better performance for consoles and if the latter is not given an advantage with some specially designed systems, the result is almost always a bloodbath.

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