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Microsoft crashes, global disruption of Outlook, Teams, and other company software

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Online services for Microsoft I’ve been down since this morning in different parts of the world. This is revealed by thousands of reports from the same users, which is confirmed by the data collected by the site DownDetector. Users, in particular, complain that two key Microsoft services are difficult to access: prospects (e-mail program) e difference (Video conferencing software). Other services that have also affected include OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Graph. through his Twitter profile Microsoft 365 caseThe Californian company confirmed the existence of Damages Let it be known that he was working on the problem. According to the first reports, it will be “network configuration problems.” Behind the damages, in fact, there seems to be just a file network switch, which was supposed to be completed these days. After the first reports of damage to the services, the company decided this morning to stop the operation, announcing that the services will be up and running again soon. Sign-in issues that Microsoft users around the world are facing come within days of resolution American company to reduce its workforce by laying off 10 thousand employees. A move described as “inevitable” driven by fears of a “coming recession”.

down detector | The surge in reports of harm from Microsoft users, collected by DownDetector


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