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Football Upgrade – Ossola, long hiatus for Scalvinzi. Tozu: “Let’s throw our hearts over the obstacle”

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Asola In addition to insulting the injury to Ossola, who finds himself fined 150 euros for “offences against the referee by his supporters” (see also the part below).
To provoke the protests of the red and white fans, in the match against Borgosattolo, who lost in the final 1-2, after the Asolo team also took the lead (Chito’s goal), the expulsion was somewhat hasty, according to the house masters. , for defender Zaglio, which was just a link from the referee’s direction that angered both parties on the field.
“If we also factor in Scalvinzi’s injury, it’s a nice piece for us, given that he’s probably out of the whole season, we doubt the crusade break – says Asola patron Massimo Tozzo – and the red rush to Zaglio we can very well say the rings cut our legs.”
But the president sees the general direction of the match as insufficient, not only for his team: “Honestly, there was a penalty kick that was not awarded to Borgosattolo in the second half, so we are not looking for excuses. It was a bad day for everyone. Moreover, prior to our expulsion, no wrongdoing in our favour was alerted and punished,” says Tuzo.
Coach Mauro Franzini will also be excluded from a round for the next match against Fontas Montichiari. He, too, firmly argued the verdict “but without contempt”, says Tuzo. It is better to look forward to the next match, after the first defeat has been archived.
“There may be some absences due to seasonal illnesses – explains the sponsor – but on the next trip we aim to return to the success that has now been missing for three days. At Montichiari we will have to throw our hearts over the hurdle, to go back to moving the arrangement and confirm the good things that we have been able to From doing them so far.” After double wins in the first two games, in fact, Red and White got two points in three games. There is a time and a way to resume the journey made.

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