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Another defeat for the Azzurri – OA Sport

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Thanks Lily Us! The Italian national ice hockey team will return to the field on Monday for a very sensitive match against Kazakhstan. To all the very best good evening

21:42 Let’s say goodbye given the beautiful goal of Trivelato who cheated hopes of a comeback

21:41 Italy for big parts boring arcs ahead of Slovakia organization. However, the position of the Blues in the third period was good, and he was good at shortening the distance with the heart temporarily. Now the focus will be on Monday’s match against Kazakhstan, a real match for redemption.

Final warning siren. Italy loses the challenge against Slovakia 1-3.

1′ last cycle per hour.

2′ Blues removes the goalkeeper.

3′ Blues are good at finding a good plot by presenting themselves in front of the opponent’s goal. But after the defeat, the defense refused. Now powerbreak.

4′ Slovakia insists on reasonable maneuvering but does nothing.

5, traffic in front of the blue door, fortunately none of Slovakia managed to put the disk on the network.

6′ The few occasions lasted, and the match faltered with the Slovaks advancing 3-1. Our opponents always control the game.

8′ Troubled and confusing behavior from both teams in this part. Now Italy is in the power game

9, a new wild pile on the ice, the tension rises sharply.

10 ′ 3-1 Slovakia! Our opponents take advantage of Italy’s moment of high tension and find the right signal thanks to Tamassi after his victory and defeat.

10 ‘Be careful, the animals come. A battle in the field between the two groups. average judgment.

11′ Slovakia presses in its attack and seals the score twice, the blue defense deflects.

11′ 2 minute stop by De Berna, Slovakia on the playing field.

12 ′ Meanwhile, the match was stopped due to a strong blow received by the author of 2-0 Sikora. The review is in progress. De Berna is under investigation.

13 ′ Italy finds courage and appears more in the opponent’s territory. Now the power is off.

14′ The Slovaks who had attacked responded not long after. Our bodyguard refuses.

It was drilled and found the correct diameter by firing a missile and placing the disk in the grate. Now let’s paint it!


15′ Slovakia is still very close to TRIS but face to face with our guard did not find the door.

15′ Slovakia is trying again fast. Nothing really.

17′ Slovakia is now in the center of power and immediately dangerous. trembling escaped.

18′ Try to manage and build Italy in the first two minutes. But Slovakia is always dangerous.

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The third period begins! Azure Power

20:57 The second period will start shortly.

20:47 Meanwhile, here’s Slovakia’s double signed Sikora, the first of his World Cup career.

Play the siren! Little Italy in this second period. Slovakia is in complete control of the game and actions. After two periods between Italy and Slovakia 0-2

2′ Slovakia is the owner of the ice, they want to close this practice.

3′ Slovakia is still close to the trio with another Gypsy Regenda leaning outside and not finding the right support.

4′ Slovakia starts off a game of power with a big triangulation that doesn’t find the net, though.

5 ′ additional acquisition of Slovakia in the last minutes, able to weave good offensive plots, the conclusions in this case, however, are not very serious. now powerbreak

8. Italy tried again but the ideas in the offensive phase are not endless

9′ Siege of Slovaks while playing on power with several dangerous occasions. Then the whistle for a very strong blow on Trivelato accidentally arrived.

10′ Error by Gliria. Slovakia in play for power

11′ Super Janusic type! Our goalkeeper swerves

12′ Regenda The lone gypsy for Slovakia tries to hit him from the inside, and our goalkeeper is not surprised. Then again very dangerous Slovaks with a “first class” movement. Nothing is done.

13 ′ There are already six shot attempts by Slovakia in the second half compared to three by Italy. Opponents follow the half-time text, build freely and catch the match ball. Now the power is off

14 ′ Slavkowski tried again, and in this match he sows panic from afar. Nothing is done.

15′ Italy was less shy in the first minutes of the second half.

17′ Kept playing the official! Blue fires a missile rarely rejected by the Slovak Defense

18′ bean slovakia. Azure in a game of power

19 ′ ready to go and Slovakia come back very dangerously with the trio failing just a few centimeters from our goalkeeper.

20:08 Let’s start again! Forza Italia, raise your head

20:07 It’s shortly before the start of the second period.

19:55 In this first part, the Blues immediately mastered the opponents game, allowing for a lot of building and a lot of risking. Slovakia can be above more goals. Meanwhile, here’s the video of the first feature:

1 ′ Slovakia double! It was in the air, after a good build, that the Tatars found Slavkosky sending Sikora, who knocks into the net. The first period ends. Italy – Slovakia 0-2

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1′ simple reaction from the guys who peeked back out the Slovak door. The goalkeeper refuses.

2′ Pardon Italy again. Slovakia misses the goal for a very short period. Lucky blues.

3′ Our opponents are completely masters of the game and allow themselves the luxury of experiencing more shots collected in a few seconds. A change of pace is urgently needed.

5′ Slovakia gets the double with Takac who, on the counterattack, fails to put the puck on the net. Now powerbreak.

7, Italy tries to raise its head, but Slovakia runs it quietly

9′ Slovakia in advantage with Kristoff. Our opponents come out well off breaking power and attempt another long shot from Slafkosky, and Kristof’s winning click comes from the goalkeeper’s blue rebound.

10 ′ Slovakia is trying its luck from afar. Nothing is done. Second breaking force.

11′ Italy tries with Diego Coster starting a right-sided shot, rejected by the opposing goalkeeper.

12′ Slovakia Close To Feature! Ferrari from behind the goal serves Skyura from close range who cannot score the goal. Now the power is off

14′ slick is always littered for both teams in these early stages of the game, as Slovakia has always managed to handle the action in an orderly fashion, but has been held back by Blue Defense until this point.

16′ Slovaks always come out of the blocks in style in search of firmness in the attack.

17 ′ Slovakia’s first serious action after the fine construction of the Neutral Zone, Blue Defense refuses.

18′ Turbo starter for the Azzurri who immediately tried some offensive Gypsies.

19:20 Let’s go! The game begins! Italy Strength

19:19 The judges, Mr. Andres Anson and Marianne Rohatis. Instead, it was Nicholas Constantinou and Davis Zunfee men of the line

19:18 Italy goes on the ice in classic blue, blue and white with red and blue stripes in place of a Slovakia jersey.

19:16 Only four minutes left and it begins

19:12 This is the best of France – Denmark

19:11 Waiting for the disc to open, let’s enjoy the outstanding actions of the United States of America and Sweden

19:10 This is instead of France

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30 Tomek Matej goalkeeper
line 1
6 Ferrari Martin D
14 Sirsnak Peter D
20 Slavkovsky Juraj V
13 Christophe Michel F
90 Tatar Thomas V
line 2
29 Evan Michel D
5 Namek Simon D
49 Takak Samuel F
40 Roman Milos V
87 Reganda Pavol V
Font 3
3 Janusik Adam D
7 German Mario D
23 Liska Adam V
25 Alex V
16 Lantose Robert F
line 4
44 Rosandyk Mislav D
48 Gacholinek Daniel D
47 Leonard Mario F
72 Collar Andre F
10 Sikora Adam V
Ramsay Craig is. Share

19:05 This is the Italy squad

1 Bernard Andreas GK
32 Fusio Justin JK
line 1
53 Alex D . drill
90 by PERNA Dylan D
93 Fridge Luca F
9 Keep Daniel F
74 McNally Brandon V
line 2
15 Enrico D . improvements
37 Petronero Phil D
5 San Marco V
23 Costner Simon V
19 Petain Alex F
Font 3
21 Gilera Daniel D
94 Frank Daniel F
82 Get Dante F.
22 Costner Diego V
line 4
8 Insam Marco V
10 Sporenberger Peter D
88 Crossbody Tommaso V
91 Manager Mathias F
46 Deluca Evan V
Ireland Gregory

19:00 In the last match, Slovakia organized instead Kazakhstan, the team that the Azzurri will face on Monday in a real battle of redemption.

18:55 It will be an important match for our players who, regardless of the final result, will have to respond after two complicated performances against France (where the victory sarcastically disappeared) and Germany.

18:50 Good evening, OA Sport friends! Only thirty minutes left for the game to start

Good evening, OA Sport friends and welcome to the live transcript of Italy and Slovakia, the sixth meeting of the Azzurri at the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships, the review that took place in Finland, specifically in Helsinki and Tampere.

It will be a match where Greg Ireland men They will be called to give an important signal, not so much in terms of victory (Slovakia is a tough opponent for sure even if it comes from three defeats in a row) but from a purely personal point of view. The humiliation of France and the heavy blow against Germany have left their mark on our children, who must therefore rise and roar again.

Today will be one Rehearsal in light of the most important challenge of the entire tournamentagainst Kazakhstan, the only team that has achieved 0 victories so far with Italy, a real direct confrontation with the goal of salvation.

OA Sport brings you the LIVE text for Italy and Slovakia, the Azzurri’s sixth match at the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships. Period after period, grid after grid, so you don’t really miss anything. The start dial is set to 19:20 Italian. Good fun!

Photo: Carola Cimino

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