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Rain against drought, the free ride is over

the essence drought which have more or less captured our regions for more than a year, a year and a half, have not been directly related to climate change nor to global warming, phenomena that cannot be stopped now, but are part of the meteorological developments that all fall in the fall. within the norm.

Generally, after more or less long dry periods, other rainy periods of similar or even longer duration follow, in a game of alternation: some climatologists ascribe these fluctuations to the Niño, that anomalous heating of the Pacific which finds its maximum expression in the approach of the days of Holy Christmas , hence the baby’s Spanish name, El Niño, which includes the South American countries colonized by Spain in the past.

What will happen

A change of course is now very likely, we would dare say good luck It is already over, in the sense that we will have to forget about long periods of stable and sunny weather for weeks and weeks with the arrival rain. It will be this time Lots of rain, rain and hail all together. Spring and even summer 2023 could be different, with more rain, but above all with more instability, even in the context of a generalized increase in heat, yes, we take it for granted and for sure. Even the long weekend of May 1 will be jeopardized by widespread, torrential rain.

Let’s definitely forget the 18 consecutive weekends of full sun and boiling heat we had last year from May to September. It’s hard to do better.

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Are we going to pay the price dearly now? maybe. Well, that possibility instead depends precisely on climate change in which we have now placed ourselves with almost no way out in the short term.

Will there be a cold? Yes, because of the high energies used today, hail episodes within cumulonimbus clouds, or storm cells, are more frequent than in the past.

Will we experience things we’ve never seen before? The recent climate makes us accustomed to seeing more and more 30-year historical records every year! We’ll have to get used to seeing these records broken in the future…

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