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Hopefully in a gift, the Ugandan children’s football kits have been donated from Belmonte

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Hope holds smiling faces of Ugandan children from St. Mary’s School and their color (red) New football uniforms, donated by Giovanni Grasina Belmonti, a club from Bano a Ripoli. They didn’t even want to remove the tags for fear of wasting them, Costanta Terzo recalls. When she returned last week to the village of Namirembe Senene, on the outskirts of Uganda, a few days after the opening of the school that had been renovated thanks to the Hands of Love, which she heads, she had the Belmonte Society. A bag full of shirts and shorts. They were suspicious when they saw him. To them it seemed like a great gift, because they usually play with tattered clothes in a field full of holes. The school has its own soccer team, both male and female, and the coach is one of the teachers.

a A precarious situation described some time ago by the head of the “Hands of Love” of the civil rights advisor in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli. Francesca Cellini, who immediately took action with the participation of Simona Accomelli (board member of Giovanni Grasina Belmonte) and Valentina Guidotti (part of the Municipal Committee for Peace and Rights): It was they, the volunteers of the club, who found the materials to be delivered to the children of St. Mary’s School through Costanza Terzo. Seeing them so happy, albeit in pictures, gives us the impetus to move forward: the wonderful effect. We have taken our name very far, but only geographically, and have proven that we can help them in some way, even from here, comments Leonardo Guidotti, President of Giovanni Grasina Belmonte which has about 350 members, 200 of whom are from the football school and that its commitment drives it forward in field and at the same time in the social sector. What distinguishes us the most: We have worked for years to develop relationships with various local and non-local associations. Like Hands of Love, founded last July by Costanza Terzo (of Ponte a Ema, already a volunteer in Africa with the nonprofit I bambini di Antonio) and doctor Peter Mukasa (orphaned as a child, who dreamed of becoming a doctor: it worked: , thanks also to the support of the same association).

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I was so moved by his story, so I came close to him: today we are collaborating with a common drive to support, among the many families in difficulty, those most in need of help. Peter who knows them, explains Costanza Terzo, who returned from Uganda a few days ago. The renovation of St. Mary’s School – which was completed close to Christmas, at a cost of €4,500 – is just one of the projects completed by the Hands of Love, all carried out thanks to contributions from Italy (they are used to pay rent, fees, food, what is needed for school or childbirth) and to sell handicrafts made by village women. Two of them found work as cooks at the newly opened school. Instead, the recent donations were used to fund the purchase of a motorbike, and its predecessor has been broken, which will allow us to reach our children and families to distribute food parcels without having to pay rent. It will be called “Cuba” in honor of the priest Don Danilo Copatoli who left Florence in 1954 and arrived in Kilimanjaro on his motorbike, celebrating Mass as soon as he reached the summit.: A story told in Lorenzo Pogola’s book, “Kilimanjaro 54. Diary of a Love Bet”, a portion of its proceeds will be donated to “Hands of Love”. which has other actions planned. one of the following? Giving soccer shoes to schoolchildren, Costanza Terzo admits. In the meantime, they are already as happy as this. With new costumes designed by Giovanni Grasina Belmonti. Russian, like hope for a better tomorrow.

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