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An Israeli raid on Gaza killed the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement. Call up 25,000 reservists –

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From David Frattini

Operation Dawn has begun. Among the victims is also a young girl. Hamas: Israel will pay the price

A rectangle of the wall separates from the block wall in central Gaza: where there is a window now there is a hole three times the size that expels dust and flames. Where before the leaders of Islamic Jihad sit down and plan attacks – according to Israeli intelligence – death remains.

Operation Dawn Rising began with the killing of Taysir al-Jabari (along with at least ten others, including a five-year-old girl) and no one knows yet how it will end. The officers explained that they sent a message to Hamas to stay away from it, and they want this to remain a small war against jihad.they know the odds are low: 25,000 reservists have already been called up, Roads around the strip were closed, and Iron Dome anti-missile batteries were positioned around Tel Aviv.

The retaliation that was announced came in the afternoon at nine in the eveningAs promised Islamic speakers. The rockets, aimed at the cities of northern Gaza, are always the first to come under fire when these periodic conflicts flare up. In Hebrew terminology, the army is called sivuv, a word for Vanya Oz Salberger, daughter of the novelist Amos, that sounds fatal and desperate: another round of pain seems inevitable, in the Bible denoting the cycles of the sun. And the dawn, in fact.

Al-Jabari was liquidated because he will be the one who will lead the team charged with revenge for the arrest of Bassam Al-Saadi five days ago, 61 years he spent more inside Israeli prisons than outside them: Among the leaders in Jenin, in the northern West Bank, were suspected of planning attacks on Israelis. Analysts expected that the operations in the West Bank would open the Gaza front. So it happened. The intelligence had prepared the public with filtered information for military journalists: Jihad was setting out the final details of an attack with anti-tank missiles to be launched over the barrier on civilian targets.

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Again in recent years, Israel went to war during an election campaign. Yair Lapid was prime minister for a month and a half, interim head of government (at least until the November 1 elections) on which the Palestinian factions may have wanted to put pressure on. The alliance he headed with Naftali Bennett until the crisis was born after 11 days of confrontation in May last year.. Among the civilians: Residents of Israeli cities hit by rockets (about fifty in the first minute alone), two million Palestinians in Gaza are trapped under Hamas rule in a sand corridor 41 kilometers long and 6 to 12 kilometers wide.. Few can get out of it due to Israel’s ban on fundamentalists, while the southern crossing, under Egyptian control, has been almost always closed since 2007, when Hamas seized control of the Strip from the Palestinian Authority with weapons.

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