December 9, 2023

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TV shows, space for the world of employment on Rete8 with “Traguardo Lavoro”

TV shows, space for the world of employment on Rete8 with “Traguardo Lavoro”

Job offers and requests are back on TV with Traguardo Lavoro, broadcast – live from 20.25 every Monday on Rete8 and in collaboration with the Center – which deals with job opportunities in particular in Abruzzo and Molise, general competitions, job applications, training and mentoring

From Rete8 Studios leading journalist Andrew Morey Directed by Daniel Cinquino. A thirty-minute format that has become a reference appointment for both job seekers and those hiring. Studio guests are executives, representatives of large companies, small entrepreneurs, traders and professionals who clarify open positions and requirements. Selections in progress and deadlines by which applications can be submitted.

In the episode of Monday, March 13, 23, opportunities were presented for two companies: the first has offices in Abruzzo and Molise and is looking for different profiles in the field of telephony and digital training in general; The second company has offices in Montesilvano and Lazio and deals with cleaning products, looking for collaborators, employees and salesmen.

As far as training is concerned, there is a Cenfop space – the federation of training bodies – which this time deals with active employment policies and a new skills fund to support companies and workers. Then preview Lavoro’s listing pages on newsstands every Tuesday with Center. Traguardo Lavoro also gives those who are looking for a job the opportunity to submit and then display their video curriculum on TV, a short video (maximum 1 inch) with their skills and aspirations. You can also call and intervene directly on the phone 0871.5873230.

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The appointment with Traguardo Lavoro is at 20.25 at Rete 8. To send offers, applications, video curricula, requests for participation or information, write to [email protected] Rete8 direct number: 0871.5873230.