Home entertainment Jurassic World: American hegemony and reviews crush the movie | Cinema

Jurassic World: American hegemony and reviews crush the movie | Cinema

Jurassic World: American hegemony and reviews crush the movie |  Cinema
Jurassic World: Domination It’s finally getting ready to be shown in the US, so the ban on US reviews of the movie has been lifted Colin Trevorrow.

trilogy finale sequel Jurassic Park She doesn’t seem particularly convinced by critics: currently, out of about 90 reviews currently archived in rotten tomatoesonly 40% are positive, with an average of 4.9/10. Jurassic World: Kingdom Ruined got 47%While jurassic world got 71%. Both films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide, and this third film is also aiming for an excellent international debut.

Here are some excerpts from the international reviews:

  • empire – Jurassic World – The field is chaotic but entertaining, with familiar and fun action scenes.
  • diverse Of the three Jurassic World films, Domination is the least absurd and the most entertaining. But that doesn’t mean much.
  • Watchman Too modest and meaningless, contrived, twisted and lifeless to the point of incomprehension.
  • Limit The audience won’t be disappointed, plus the filmmakers really have something to say about how our land will spiral out of our control if we don’t find a way to contain the damage we’ve done so much.
  • THR Bigger, louder, more tired.
  • Los Angeles Times A non-fiction and a very long farewell to this stage, at least, of a huge, long-awaited franchise.
  • collider It is an exhausting effort, a legacy that does not seem to realize where the power of this inheritance comes from, and it controls everything with a folly that permeates every scene.
  • inverse – flowery, pixie and goofy to hilarious levels. His attempts to realize nostalgia remind us, unfortunately, how much better those films were.
  • Endeavor With little tension or humour, nothing keeps Jurassic World afloat: domination apart from the naive hope that acknowledging something familiar is enough for some viewers.
  • Playlist – The return of the trio helps fill the film with excess, and in 146 minutes this weight is tangible.

Jurassic World – Sphere With Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and the stars of Jurassic Park, arrived in Italian cinemas at June 2, 2022. Find all info about the movie directed by Colin Trevorrow In our tab.

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