December 11, 2023

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Canada, Spanish fishing boat sinks: At least seven killed. There were 24 people on board

Canada, Spanish fishing boat sinks: At least seven killed.  There were 24 people on board

Spanish fishing boat Villa de Pidonso The ship crashed early Tuesday morning about 450 kilometers southeastNewfoundland Island, Canada: Spanish authorities fear that different people Death. Currently three i Sailors According to government spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez, the body was found alive. Among them was the commander and his nephew: the mayor of the city of Congas Galicia Residence of two sailors. Some family members said they received a phone call. On the contrary, they are rising Seven people died“So far we have recovered seven bodies and three survivors,” he told the French Press Agency. Brian Owens Chairman Collective recovery integration The Canadian adds that despite the bad weather, the search continues in Newfoundland where the debris was found.

According to the information found so far, the fishing vessel was contacted 2004Would have been lost from 5.45am to 6pm Deep sea ship Of the Galician ship owner Manuel NorseAccording to the Iberian media, they were there 24 people. The Municipality of MarìnIn the province PondevetraHe explained where the fishing boat was located and that they were on board 16 Spaniards And all the other sailors of the 50-meter-long Villa di Pidonso Kanavas And Peruvian people.

At noon, he explained Micah LaripaA spokesman for Pontevotra officials said: “Four people have been found Lifeboats And two-fourths have reached ”. One of these was “completely empty”, and one of the “three survivors, in the state Hypothermia shock Because the water temperature at this time is terrible, very low. Trying to catch two more Lifeboats. The boat and ship are operating at the scene Helicopter Of Canadian Maritime Rescue And many more have been diverted ShipsIncluding another Galician fishing boat, the Playa de Menduina 2. The fishing boat is owned by a vessel owner from the Galicia area. Norse. The company said in a statement quoted by local media that the cause of the sinking was unknown.

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