Home Tech Also arrives in Italy | The broadcast everyone has been waiting for

Also arrives in Italy | The broadcast everyone has been waiting for

Also arrives in Italy |  The broadcast everyone has been waiting for

The Apple branded streaming platform is about to take a leap forward by conquering the smartphone market as well

Nowadays, you probably only watch a few TV shows on a real TV screen. The age of streaming brings unprecedented levels of flexibility to the entertainment industry as a whole, allowing you to catch up on programs on your phone, tablet, or other gadget that fits in your backpack.

There is only one problem: without a dedicated app, It is unlikely that many users will adjust. The Play Store is home to most of the basics, but if you’re looking to stream or download an Apple series, there may be good news for your future.

The indiscretions of Apple

According to Apple whistleblower ShrimpApplePro, the company is finally working on bringing its indoor streaming service to Android.

+ Apple TV is home to a growing collection of original shows and movies, including critically acclaimed series like For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, and Severance, Series known in Italy as “Scissione”. Despite winning an Emmy and even a Best Picture Oscar with CODA, Android users have been left without a dedicated app for phones or tablets.

First attempt a year ago

Previously, an app appeared on Android TV devices in the summer of 2021 that seems to lend credence to this news. Apple is also no stranger to the Play Store; In addition to its Move to iOS app to ditch Android, the company is allowing music subscribers to stream their entire library on Google’s platform.

How to watch AppleTV

Currently, to watch original Apple content on Android, you need to use their website. It works well For local playback, but it’s a bit finicky compared to the original app and it doesn’t offer any Cast support.

It is hoped that the application will finally arrive soon, in order to make Apple’s streaming platform a serious competitor compared to other giants in the market, such as Netflix or Prime Video.


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