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Men and women prefer different iPhones

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Although there is not much age difference between the owners of Apple devices, men and women prefer different iPhone models.

The new data for Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) Show it Men are more likely to buy the iPhone Pro modelwhile Women prefer standard models. However, the preferences are similar when it comes to the iPhone SE.

Specifically, 12% of female customers have purchased an iPhone 14 or 14 Plus, compared to 8% of male customers. Among men who bought a new iPhone in 2022, 41% own an iPhone 13 Pro / Max or iPhone 14 Pro / Max, compared to 33% of women.

Genders align most closely with older iPhones, with 37% of male and female customers owning an iPhone 12 or 13 in both base and mini models, and 7% of each gender owning an iPhone SE.

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CIRP makes no assumptions about the cause of this diversity. “We will not explore broader gender issues around the motivation behind iPhone choices,” the company wrote. “Our database does not address ego, tech comfort, selfie habits, or hand size issues associated with choosing a premium phone. We leave those guesses to the reader….”

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