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Wolf: “Hamilton could lose Canadian GB” – F1 Team – Formula 1

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The hardest race of my life for the pain I felt. So Louise Hamilton Closed his Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which ended in fourth place due to severe back pain problemsExcessive porpoising Viscous straight. The resurgence phenomenon that we have seen, which is characteristic of this new generation of single-disciples, still affects particularly MercedesIt focuses on more intense aerodynamics compared to competition with a very narrow abdomen.

Before departure Toto Wolf He had warned the seven-time world champion about his health and expressed confusion about his chances of seeing him reach the checked flag (it happened by biting his teeth hard). The problem that has now arisen for Hamilton is the proximity of the next Grand Prix, and in seven days we will be back on track in Canada. As for the captain of the Mercedes team, it cannot be ruled out at this point that Britain may actually drop the race over the Montreal weekend.

“Yes, he will definitely miss the Canadian Grand Prix – Wolf said – Porpoying directly affects the spine and can have some consequences. At this point, Lewis could be the most vulnerable of all drivers. This is a very bad situation and needs to be addressed. I do not think this is his problem anyway. He is, as mentioned, very vulnerable, but generally affects porpoise George and many others. The solution is to have some spare drivers to make sure both of our cars are racing.

Typically, Mercedes brings one of its two reserve drivers into the garage each weekend, namely two standard bearings from the Formula E Stofel group. வந்தூர்னே And Nick De Vries. The Belgian was on the verge of directing two full seasons with McLaren between 2017 and 2018, but his Dutch teammate – the current world champion of the “full electric” series – may be in better shape in the event of an emergency. The long-awaited introduction after free sessions with Williams in Barcelona.

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