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Hockey, fourth cup final at Forte dei Marmi: “An important and historic moment for Versilia”

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“Spalty is 100% open for the first time since the start of the epidemic,” Rossoblo Tosi president said. It won’t be easy, we have to study the program and the race times well.”

FORTE DEI MARMI. While the team coached by Mark Gaalle has no choice but to shake off the bitter morsel of the defeat he suffered at Lodi, in Via Ferrucci we are beginning to think about the final four of the Coppa Italia. Forte dei Marmi has in fact won the organization of the event which will take place on the 16th and 17th of April. An event hosted by the company led by President Piero Tosi already in 2021 (and even earlier in 2016) but – still in a period of an epidemic – in the complete absence of the public. In both cases Rosobli did not win: did you defy fate again? And then to refute the taboo one must necessarily make an effort to try again.” This year’s Coppa Italia will be the first Italian hockey event to have 100 per cent of the crowd back in the stands: an important relaunch message.

“We wanted to host an event of this kind, not only for the purely sporting aspect, but also because it certainly represents an important and historical moment. The real and important signal would be the possibility of the entire audience being in the stands for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Even if I had no illusions: selling It will not be easy.”

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What are you worried about?

“The last four will take place over the Easter holiday which here in Versilia coincides with the start of the tourist season: many of our staff and fans will be busy with their activities. For this we will have to carefully study the program and times of the various races, to make it as attractive an event as possible for the public.”

She beat Follonica, the only other company to put in a show. Do you both care, or have you also thought about saving?

“We have made meticulous performances: we have thought a lot about what we propose to the federation, because in any case it is an important bet to be able to generate interest in our movement and obviously the groups that we hope will be important.”

Why didn’t you try to make a live suggestion?

We actually tried, but from Follonica they had agreements with their municipality that they couldn’t ignore. We also made the same proposal to Sarzana and President Corona, whom I thank, he immediately gave us the readiness to lend a helping hand to us with service personnel.”

Did you also ask for help from Mayor Bruno Morzi?

“Obviously, in the selection we have involved the administration who, despite being at the end of the mandate, provided us with access to assistance. But more than anything else, we want to focus on specific sponsors for this event: we will soon be working on this with General Manager Agostini ».

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