Thursday penultimate round of the regular season. 7 scheduled meetings

The countdown to the end of the regular season for Year 6 of the Alpine Hockey League begins. After the end of last week, phase two will continue as scheduled. The 17 teams for the 2021/22 season will be divided into three groups. The top 6 will fight in the main round for an instant pass to the playoffs (only the first 4, and the last 2 must go to the previous playoffs). The classifieds for the regular season will be divided from 7th to 17th place into two groups (singles or doubles) to qualify for the preliminary playoffs. So these last 15 challenges remaining until Saturday 22nd January are very important to identify the newest entrants in the main round or to earn as many bonus points as possible to start stage two. All races will start on Thursday and Saturday at 19:00 as requested by the Alps. Cartel definitely Odegar match between Asiago and Lustenau. Get bonus points and appetizers from the race that will also take place in the main round as both teams are already certain to be among the top six at the final whistle on Saturday. Al-Fasa returned to the field after 8 consecutive victories since last December 28.

Gio, 20.01.2022, ore 19:00: Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan – Team of the Future EC-KAC

Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan and future EC-KAC no longer have a chance to reach the main role, but can improve their position initially for the second stage/qualification round in the remaining matches. While the Broncos came out well from their 14-day hiatus and clearly beat the silverware Vienna Capitals by 6:1, the KAC Future, after a long 39-day hiatus, were defeated 0:3 at home by Asiago. So there will definitely be a different approach to this match. However, in the Broncos’ house, in addition to the absence of Eisendle and Erlacher, it is necessary to check for the presence of Cianfrone (muscular problem) and Tommy Gschnitzer (stroke). The last two players already had to surrender from the first half on Tuesday against Vienna to play. For the rest, coach Dustin Whitecotton was able to count in the last challenge to a streak in good shape with Salo, Koffler and Gander, who earned a total of 10 points including Gander’s hat-trick. On the other hand, Carinthians have to find their best form after a long break. The top two scorers of red and white no longer existed as Frowis passed to Bregenzerwald via ICE or Kapel taken over by Ljubljana. Moreover, Mali, Buick and Van E are injured while Usnik, Tavilge and Hochger play in Klagenfurt, which is played by the Ice E team. In the face of these shortcomings, the future team has incorporated new players under the age of 18. Florian Foruer distinguished himself against Asiago with 53 saves and a real needle in the balance of Carinthians against Asiago. However, the Austrians won the first duel of the season between Future Team and the Broncos 4:2.

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Thursday, 20.01.2022, 19:00: Migros Asiago hockey supermarket – EHC Lustenau

Arbitri: Dorchner, Komir, Mantovani, Piras

Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey welcomes EHC Lustenau for the first match of the day. Both teams can no longer be ejected from a seat in the main round. However, in a head-to-head duel, important bonus points are at stake for the intermediate round. While Asiago wants to secure a second place, a fourth is important for the Vorarlberg team. Lustenau won the first duel of the season. In the past five matches, the home team has always been the winner. The Lions, the Giallorossi and the Austrian, both came back from two wins on Tuesday’s Tour. The Superstars won in Klagenfurt by 3:0 in a match that was never questioned and made new Italian-Canadian striker Giordano Finoro debut for the occasion. Lustenau managed to achieve his first success after 4 consecutive defeats at the end of a gritty derby against EC Bregenzerwald. Having been knocked out about a minute after the end of the third period, Lustenau leveled and then went on to win in overtime, mocking their regional cousins. In short, an important match for Asiago because it’s also the first game Paraso has managed against an opponent who will be a sure contender for the rest of the season. Previously, the Veneto team lost to Salzburg, but the latter is not yet sure of going to the main round. For Vicenza vs Lustenau it will be the sixth consecutive match against an Austrian rival between the old and new years.

Thursday, 20.01.2022, 7.00 pm: Ritner Boam – Red Bull Hockey Team Juniors

Referees: PODLESNIK, STEFENELLI, Da Pian and Puff

The Rittner Buams welcome the Red Bull Hockey Juniors into the opening weekend of the last regular season. While the Buams have already secured their place in the top six, the Salzburgers are still not sure they are in the Master Round. And the current average score is only 0.003 points better than seventh-place Cortina. If Salzburgers fail to score at least two points, they will already be out of the main round positions again. On the other hand, Ritner Boams could reach second place in the standings. The first duel of the season was still an obvious deal for Buams. In the Collalbo squad there will be the debut of former Bolzano Dylan de Berna who will be ready to play for Buam after the start of the season in red and white (22 matches / 4 points). The defender’s arrival was necessary due to the injury of Finn Saylio who will have to stay abroad for at least another month and a half. In Renon’s house there will also be Fry and Fink. The Young Bulls have won five of their last seven matches and are undefeated in six away matches. With a top 6 finish on their sights, which means qualification to the main round, Teemu Levijoki’s team will arrive especially excited. In the first leg in October, Simon Costner and his teammates were able to prove themselves with a score of 8: 2. This victory was the thirteenth victory for Rittner Boams in the eighteenth game against Salzburg. Red Bull Hockey Juniors top scorer so far this season is Luca Auer with 40 points from 27 games (17 goals). Salzburg, last week, had to give up the semi-finals of the Austrian championship for participants in the Alps. The Red Bull team failed to field the minimum number of players required by the Austrian Federation among the many injuries and quarantine. So Lustenau moved to the final.

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Geo, 01/20/2022, 19:00 raw: HC Meran / o Pircher – EC Bregenzerwald

Referees: LEGA, OREL, Bassani, Pötscher

In the duel between HC Meran/o Pircher and EC Bregenzerwald, two teams very close in ranking meet. For both teams, it’s still a matter of getting extra points in the qualifying round. With complete success, the newcomer to the league could catch up with the Vorarlburgers. These two teams meet for the first time in the Alpine Hockey League. Mirano played only one match in 2022 and lost 7:0 in the first leg in Zell am See. So Collins’ team will seek redemption. On the other hand, Bregenzerwald was mocked by Lustenau in the Vorarlberg derby who lost 4:3 in overtime after scoring 3:2 in the 59th place. Ansoldi and Radin missed the House Eagles.

Thursday, 20.01.2022, 19:00: BEMER VEU Feldkirch – SHC Fassa Falcons

Referees: RUETZ, SORAPERRA, Brondi, Rinker

Vasa faces an important away game at BEMER VEU Feldkirch. The Falcons are still currently on the Masters tour after a brilliant run in December that allowed coach Marco Liberator’s side to shave an eight-game winning streak. The series was then discontinued for medical precautions and in fact this challenge against the VEU marks the return of the Hawks to activity after a break that lasted from December 28 when Vasa outperformed Gerdina in the Derby Laden by 4:0. We’ll see if this period of inactivity affected what became a group Rising throughout the Alps, they are able to conquer not only the weakest but also the strongest opponents. Certainly absent Constantine and Biondi.

However, the advantage over Ladin’s competitors is small and any loss of points could be costly in the final base group standings. Currently “Feldkircers” will start with no bonus points in the qualifying round, only with a strong finish can the Vorarlbergers continue to gain an advantage. VEU is one of the most persistent teams in this period with the Austrians managing to win 3:2 on penalties last Saturday at Selva di Val Gardena for their sixth win in a row.

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Thursday, 20.01.2022, 19:00: Vienna Capitals Silver – HC Gherdeina

Arbitri: HLAVATY, WIDMANN, Legate, Weiss

HC Girdina is currently out of his place on the main tour. But with a weekend full of wins, that goal can still be reached at the last second. First, the Ladins need three strong points against the bottom of the silver Vienna Capitals. Success will be needed to get one more word to the top 6. Team Vienna is in last place and they will have to start accordingly without any advantage in the qualifying round. Gardena won the first game of the season with a ratio of 4:1. Ladin, after last Saturday’s 3:2 home defeat on penalties to VEU, continue to play in intermittent bouts, with only one win in their last seven games even if three of those last defeats have come. After organizing. Vienna returned to play on Tuesday after a hiatus of December 11. The Austrian capital team lost without appeal in Vipiteno with a score of 6: 1.

Alpine Hockey League ranking – as of December 28, the first distinguishing factor is average points (points earned: matches)

As of January 22, the top six qualify for the Masters round but that does not mean reaching the automatic qualifiers. From seventh to 17th in the regular season, the different teams are divided into two groups based on the order of access (doubles or singles). Thus, the second stage will be used to determine the top four of the playoff board (i.e. the first four of the main round) and the teams that will play the pre-match stage.

1 Jesenice 27 +67 68 2.519
2 Asiago 28 +45 59 2.107
3 Renon 29 +41 58 2.000
4 EHC 28 +23 52 1.857
5 Vasa 28 +17 46 1.643
6 RPG 30 +22 49 1.633
7 Cortina 27 +17 44 1.630
8 girdina 26 -8 41 1.577
9 EKZ 30 -1 46 1.533
10 European Central Bank 23 +4 34 1.478
11 mirano 27 -22 35 1.296
12 sterilization 27 -13 35 1.296
13 VEU 29 -21 34 1.172
14 KFT 29 -24 32 1.103
15 Kuwait Economic City 28 -34 30 1.071
16 SWL 29 -49 27 0.931
17 VCS 25 -64 15 0.600

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