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Boccioni sounds the alarm: ‘Football is in chaos: the earthquake is in the air’

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The journalist, Enzo Boccioni, announced a real earthquake that could strike the world of football in the coming months.

Juventus, Barcelona And the Real Madrid They did not abandon the idea of ​​creating a new international cup. talk about it Enzo Boccioni In his editorial for Tuttomercatoweb: “The idea of ​​the Premier League is back and the world of football, apart from a real war unfortunately taking place in Ukraine, has been burning for more than a year. Rags are flying, words are heavy during the ‘Financial Times Forum’ dedicated to football onstage yesterday in London which was attended by all the top European executives from UEFA President Ceferin to great contender Andrea Agnelli.”

“According to rumors, Agnelli himself should have presented in the forum a new revised and corrected project for “Superlega 2.0”, but something must have happened to stop it, perhaps precisely the war, because the president of Juventus, perhaps for a chance in this difficult. moment, he did not enter In detail, he nevertheless reiterated his intention to move forward with the idea with eleven clubs who at the time signed a 120-page contract that was still binding.The members and practitioners are unable to manage their moves at best, but it is in the hands of European judges. earthquake in the air“, Boccioni added.

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