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Italy Spalletti: “I am a football fortune teller. I look for strong young men”

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Italy Spalletti – Italian national team coach Luciano Spalletti spoke in RAI's special program “A Year of Sport” (which will be broadcast on RAI 2 tonight at 11.15 p.m.), where the Azzurri coach recalled the stages of his sporting year, between winning the Scudetto with Napoli and the European mission.

Luciano Spalletti He has certainly been one of the great champions of 2023 that has just gone by. The Tuscan coach entered Serie A history as the one who brought the Tricolor back to Napoli after 33 years, and was then chosen in August to succeed Roberto Mancini as Italy coach, to lead the national team to its second European Championship. Below are some excerpts from the interview conducted by journalist Alessandro Antinelli with the coach.

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Italy, Spalletti's words to “A Year of Sport”: “We are following many Giovanni such as Caiode, Ranieri, Luca, Calafiore and POV. Winning the Scudetto with Napoli is a crazy dream. A European response with Italy is that we are alive after the fall.”

My turn has fortune teller connotations. My duty is to observe, observe and discover everything that can make people happy“.

They came out young Kayode, RanieriKoleosho, Casadei which we have had in our sights for a while. On the other hand, POV is now a certaintyAnd I've been liking Luca's attitude lately. Then there is Pratti E Calafiore who has become a certainty either on the left or at centre-backAnd be ready for the national team“.

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Winning the Scudetto with Napoli was an unforgettable team journey on dream paths And madness: it seemed impossible even in dreams“.

European qualification with Italy is instead the voice that rises from the bottom of the well into which we have fallen and that shouts to the world that we are here too and that we are more alive than ever.. We are allowed to go to Germany to defend the title we won in 2021, but there is still a lot of work to do.“.

I have to take charge of complex situations and that makes me happy. I belong to that generation of people whose joining the national team makes their hearts beat faster. Here, I hope this happiness will touch many Italians“.

The Premier League is the fruit of a world in it David's amazement as he overcomes Goliath is lost“.

We are losing the good smells and flavors of the past, those of the land, and the traditions And people celebrate around the flag“.

It is as if tomorrow will be invented and written by the rules of the powerful. Someone wants to dictate what only football to watch, and they don't get itAs long as there is a ball and space for two goals, people will continue to choose the football they like most“.

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