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Alpine Hockey League Cortina wins in Salzburg and is close to the final – FISG

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Again Cortina away win, this time 2-0, the second in a row, which allowed the Biancocelesti to take the lead 3-2 in the semi-final against Salzburg. For the third time in a row between Red Bull Hockey Juniors, the playoff seed, and SG Cortina Hafro, the home factor was skipped. After defeating Ampezzo’s team at home on Thursday, 3 to 2 in overtime, the Venetians decisively regained height and hit a very important shot for the series score against the Austrians.

In fact, with this result, the Ampezzo team could, in the event of a victory on Tuesday at home, separate the card for the first Alpine final in which Jesenice is already waiting after the “sweep” (4-0 in the series) of the Balkans against the Renon. The fifth confrontation between Salzburg and Cortinas was decided by a double force that coach Giorgio de Peten’s team took advantage of wonderfully, allowing themselves two goals in just 57 seconds. Two marks would be the only ones and therefore absolutely essential to the outcome of a far from obvious match with the Austrians who base their proverbial characteristics on skating and rhythm. In the next game, Cortina, who will not be worried about winning at any cost, will be able to manage this advantage in the series to close the accounts, but Will will continue to underestimate the young Bulls team who, despite his relatively limited experience, has already achieved important goals such as winning in the main round which allowed them to enter the current playoffs as the best seeded formation.

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The fifth semi-final of the qualifiers started evenly and at a high pace. Both sides created good chances, but the opening goal was blocked from both sides of the track as Germany’s Simon Wolff and Ampezzo’s Marco Di Filippo closed every gap for their opponents. However, with the passage of the first period, the hosts were able to rise in the match thanks to their physical and quick style of play, but they failed to score the first goal in the last minutes of the match, which ended without goals.

Also at the beginning of the second half, “Young Bulls” managed to maintain a good dynamic of the game but the score was not opened. However, Cortina hit back the distance and the match was a rollercoaster ride. To remove 0 to 0 from the board, We had to wait until the 27th minute of the match when the Ampezzo players took advantage of the 5-for-3 power play – the Austrians were penalized twice in just 10 seconds – and scored twice in the space of 57 seconds (27 and 28 score). I. Mikael Saha He transformed a beautiful and continuous work of the citizens of Cortina who made good use of the large spaces bestowed by Salzburger. Then at 5v4, a sensational defensive error from Salzburg left the field hailless Diego Coglita Which proved effective against wolves. The Young Bulls reacted with two goals down, but the second match ended with the guests always leading by two goals.

In the third period, the Juniors tried everything to get results, but they faced Cortina’s vigilance and tactical response to the offensive storms. Despite the good chances, the Austrians did not score any goals. In the last two minutes of the game, the Bulls youths pulled the goalkeeper off the ice and tried to turn the game around with six men, but to no avail. The final period remained scoreless and Cortina won their first match point in the semi-finals. Cortina could lead 3-2 in the series on Tuesday to close out the semi-final while Salzburg will have to win at any cost if they are to force the series into Game 7.

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Alpine Hockey League – Qualifiers – Semifinals – Match 5 – Best-of-seven – April 1

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Saint-Germain Cortina Hafro 0: 2 (0: 0,0:2,0:0)


Goals 0: 1 SGC Saha M. (27:23 / Zanatta L., Lacedelli R. / 5: 3 PP); 0:2 SGC Cuglietta D. (28:20/Lacedelli R., Seed J./PP)

Wolf S. (57:55 / 32 shots against / 2 goals against / 2.1 GAA)
De Filippo Roja m. (60:00 / 36 shots against / 0 goals against / 0,0 GAA)

RBJ Wolf S. / Bosecker L., Kirchebner M., Necesany L., Steffler D., Weber J., Wimmer P., Sinn P., Fischer S. / Assavolyuk D., Auer L., Cernik D., Heigl T., Krening P., Maier O., Ruckdäschel T., Schreiner V., Predan A., Jelavic M., Sumpf J., Bader Q.

SGC De Filippo/Colli A., DI TOMASO G., Larcher E., Panciera G., Seed J., Zanatta L., Zanatta M., Parini G./ALVERA ‘T., BARNABO’ L., Cuglietta D. , Faloppa D., Lacedelli G., Lacedelli R., Toffoli G., Traversa T., ZardiniLacedelli N., Adami F., Saha M., De zanna R.

Fixtures and results of the semi-final matches between Salzburg and Cortina

1 | 23.03.2023 | Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Sports Ice Cortina Hafro 3: 2 overtime
2 | 25.03.2023 | Sports Ice Cortina Hafro – Red Bull Hockey Juniors 2: 1
3 | 03.27.2023 | Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Cortina Hafro Ice Sportsmen 1: 6
4 | 30.03.2023 | Sports Ice Cortina Hafro – Red Bull Hockey Juniors 3: 4 overtime
5 | 01.04.2023 | Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Sports Ice Cortina Hafro 0: 2
6 | Tue, 04.04.2023 | Sports Ice Cortina Hafro – Red Bull Hockey Juniors | 20:30
Ultimate Race 7* | Thursday, 06.04.2023 | Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Cortina Hafro Ice Athletes | time to be determined

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Cortina leads the series from 3 to 2

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